[FEATURE REQUEST]: Interface for developing custom interactive checklists

As we all know, most aircraft do not have comprehensive checklists. It is a pity, as all this visual assistance, auto completion, co-pilot mode is a genius invention.
It seems like updating, extending, and improving checklists is not the highest priority. You can find some attempts on the Flightsim.to • Discover MSFS 2020 Add-Ons , but those are non-interactive and stop working after updates. Therefore, it seems there is no easy way to develop a custom checklist.
So, a feature I would suggest, some workaround in SDK, would allow developers to create checklists. Such a solution potentially gives simmers what they need and relieves the Asobo team from some earlier promise to work on it.


When I first saw the MSFS pre-release videos, I was enchanted with the “eye” feature in the checklists point to the actual item in the cockpit. I thought this was an excellent way to learn what all the switches and knobs do. My enchantment turned to disappointment when I installed MSFS and found most aircraft checklists incomplete. IRL what pilot is going to fly anything without complete checklists? My disappointment continued when MSFS updates contained very few checklist updates.

There should be something in the SDK for developers to build complete checklists for existing aircraft or to create checklists for their own aircraft creations.

In addition, aircraft failures is another part of MSFS missing checklists. Are pilots expected to find and download the POH for every aircraft flown?

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I could not agree more.

We need to have the ability to edit or create our own checklists.
Or, at the very least, some documentation as to how the XML tags work in the current XML checklist files, so we could then edit them to our liking.

EDIT 2022-04-01

After further searching online, I did manage to find some documentation regarding the checklists on the SDK developer forum: https://docs.flightsimulator.com/html/Content_Configuration/Checklists/Checklists.htm

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