Fenix A320: Is simrate acceleration available?

Hello everyone
The problem of Fenix A320, after using it, it is found that the speed of 2X 4X time cannot be increased. Can you solve it?


The developers have yet to provide that function, but i understand they are looking to do so at some point in the future.

I slighlty tidied up the thread title to make forum users more aware as to the exact purpose of this thread.

Really really need this feature, i cannot waste hours in real time cruising. Fenix we will really appreciated a very quick update (even with a basic first X2 acceleration).
The Fenix A320 is a very accurated plane but without time acceleration is a bit less seductive.

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yes , very need this Function, hope next time update this function

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I fully support this requirement. Please speed up this simulstion rate update…

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Hey guys, it is already there! Look at the MCDU, dial “MENU” then “MAINT” button 6R. 2x sim rate available.

Yes, very good, but hopefully the next update will use keyboard shortcuts Press + - to provide 2X 4X sim rate


Thank you. I was not able to find out how to ise this new feature

2x acceleration works fine (just tested it in a couple of flights). Once you know where to activate it (MCDU Maint. Menu) it is easy to enable/disable.
Just a minor glitch found: the clock moves twice as fast (as it should) but the chrono below it does not seem to accelerate, so you lose track of the flight time. Must be easy to fix, so hopefully this will be addressed in a next uodate.

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Question: is it better if the aircraft itself comes with time acceleration as compared to just using the acceleration in the sim? I must be missing the difference. Thx.

Fenix uses external software to simulate the aircraft systems. So I guess they needed to implemented in this way in order to ensure that everything is consistent. It will most certainly trigger the MSFS internal time acceleration but also speed up the system’s simulation.

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Any news on this topic? Since May 15th (2022) no news on their website…That’s another of many reasons, I have not spend £50,= on an (to my humble opinion) unfinished Mod, that sounded just a little too good to be true.

I hope for everybody who spend money on buying “Fenix A320”, the mod will be improved soon.

Please let me know!


2x acceleration is apparently available and working, but i’ve not used it myself yet.

It’s totally functional now. One of the best aircraft in MSFS. Love it

Correct. I’m about to turn it on now while flying from CYYZ to CYYJ:



Many thanks for your feedback.
Can you increase more then 2x, or is 2x max?


In the screenshot above I only see the choice of “Normal” and “2x”, right?

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Only 2x so far, working fine (only bug I found is the chrono, which does not move twice as fast as it should).
But I can live with that…

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But a true Fenix pilot enjoys ever second in that gorgeous cockpit. :wink: