Fenix A320: Is simrate acceleration available?

Same here. If it’s included in their 319/321 release, I’ll pick it up for sure. I’ll pass on them if it doesn’t.

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Been asking for a proper save and restore for longer flights like pmdg .developers not interested prefer developing gsx integration

Just in case anyone was asking how did I get LatinVFR with Horison mod to time warp x4 since it’s based on FBW A32N which is limited to x2 as well:
After scouring multiple forums I found this solution (link to original forum in comments) Create a text file and name it ModelConfiguration.ini, then in the config file put the flowing text:

limit_simulation_rate_by_performance = false

then put this config file into C:\Users\MYSUSER\AppData\Local\Packages\Microsoft.FlightSimulator_8wekyb3d8bbwe\LocalState\packages\flybywire-aircraft-a320-neo\work ( this is the Microsoft store version not sure about steam. Toi make Horizon mod time warp x4 find folder for appropriate LatinVFR aircraft and do the same) now you can save time if you are busy! Just posting this so hopefully more people can see it and get to enjoy flying again even if they dont have much time for it.
(all credit goes to LazerBr34d on the msfs forums for figuring this out)

It’s working, I checked.
I did try same with Fenix, but the aircraft is run thru external program, so it did not work.

PMDG products are superior in this case. 4x simrate makes it possible to fly routes that would otherwise be impossible to fly for me. I have to work, take care of my family so I cant afford to stare at my screen for 4 hours during cruise. This is the reason I’m not their customer, yet.

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I bought Fenix A320 without realising, that it can not do x4. Now is stands parked at my hangar. Can’t spend long time in front of PC for the same reason. I hope taht at some point Fenix will listen to continuous plea and will make x4 warp available. I really like their bus, but not with x2 time warp :frowning:
By the way, regarding the trick I put above - I realised that LatinVFR aircraft are unstable at x4 warp, so it’s possible to get the time speed to x4 but it’s impossible to fly these at that time speed.