Fenix A320 + Prosim A320 = NO Hardware and Remote Panels

thats a great idea and something they are probably working on the background.
I hope!

Like you said, they not forseen this or didnt expect so many MSFS simmers who are not ProSim base, wanting remote access and to be able to use some hardware with it.

Also i believe ProSim was afraid that would take buyers from them and instead people would buy fenix and use with their hardware. But i think thats just not smart. There is a completely different public that invest $1500 on ProSim and use home cockpits. Fenix users are simmers that might invest on some gear and with the limitations they have right now, will keep a lot of people away in the future since they cannot use nothing besides a keyboard and mouse. That alone made me fly much more on PMDG than i expected. And for someone who really want to have more immersion, they have our hands tied. Not smart at all to have ProSim running on such an amazing airplane but people need to play it like amateurs…

I would be totally in paying for extra packages like Hardware compability and remote access for MCDU etc… Would still be cheaper for simmers like me who will never be able to afford home cockpits and spend $1500 on a simulator.

We cant even use cheap saitek panels with this… for sure ProSim users do not even look at this kind of “hardware”

i was able using Air Manager to have a MCDU on a second screen. For now this is it.

I agree totally with you, and it’s a very good idea with Air Manager.

What’s also a big difference using Pro Sim: buyers can build a professional and certified FNPT MCC procedure trainer an earn money, so they get money not only by selling Pro Sim and licences but much more by using it. And that’s a totally different story comparing it to the Fenix A320, as the Fenix would never be certified for such a professional use - what a great luck for us ;-). So generally, we are not some professional clients or customers buying MCC licences, we are only home enthusiasts, and for our group the Fenix A320 should be open to any hardware for free… I really wonder myself, who from Fenix has made such a bad deal with Pro Sim…as the facts are so clearly visible…

Concerning the MCDU Fenix should add a web-interface, like for the FSLabs A320 (which has also a web-interface for the outer refuelling-panel), and you can use two web-interfaces for any of the MCDUs side by side, e.g. on the Ipad Pro 12.9". This should be a free update from Fenix… Of course this is indenpendent of the EFB.

I really hope the guys from Fenix are watching our discussion group and talk to Pro Sim, as this problem could be solved normally within a short period of time. This should be of first interest for Fenix to be competitive to FSLabs and to sell their product, besides that they should open a discussion forum on their web-page for any future problem as did FSLabs…

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I use an X Touch Mini which handles all the switches on the overhead plus a few others, this works with Lirby Axis and Ohs, I also have a VrInsight Airbus MCP which works well with LINDA. Both of these are compatible with FENIX A320


Hello, can you pass me where to download the LINDA VrInsight Airbus MCP profile. since the one I have doesn’t work for me with Fenix linda. Thank you

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interesting! never heard of those.

could you explain a little better? how the VrInsight Airbus MCP works with fenix?

also some links! X Touch Mini and Lirby Axis and Ohs

got lost here haha

thanks for sharing

Avsim in the Linda support forum

VrInsight MCP uses LINDA with LUA. Available in AVSIM Forums under freeware support
Google BEHRINGER X TOUCH MINI and Lorby Axis and Ohs

There’s a nice AAO/Streamdeck profile (although you can use this with any hardware, e.g. the X Touch Mini that I use) on flightsim.to:

My Fenix set up is:

  • VKB Gladiator NXT for the sidestick

  • Honeycomb Bravo Throttle + Airbus pack for the throttle and a bunch of other switches/gear etc

  • VKB T Rudder Pedals

  • X Touch Mini for the MCU/Autopilot and light settings etc

All works very well. From cold and dark, you still need the mouse, but take off, flying and landing can all be mouse free

Thanks, if I have downloaded version 0.3 but it doesn’t work well only the altimeter and heading but not very well.

Those who have a full cockpit, I see that they and Prosim can justify the full $1500 package. It is leagues above a home sim setup (apart from VR which can be better in some areas). The problem is the middle and lower ground where people want to hook up specific module panels and not a full blown cockpit. It is how it is and I can’t see how they could cover the middle ground hardware configs without impacting their full cockpit segment.

I use VR with an X Touch mini. I am not looking for any plane specific panels as a result. I do however focus on replica control inputs for the realistic tactile feel (Throttle, flaps, speedbrakes, Yoke/stick etc…) All panels are in virtual cockpit and I use an X-touch for Autopilot and a few other functions that make sense i.e range knob, DA/DH etc… Besides that a mouse. I works really well accross all planes and being in VR the immersion is second to none. VR is not everyones cup of tea but it is growing very fast and will continue to do so as better VR/PC hardware comes along. No need to be tied into one specific plane or a Frankenstein looking cockpit to try and cover many planes.

VR is the perfect immersive feeling of sitting inside a cockpit.

A thousand times better than franken-steining together some joysticks and Cessna-gauges and pedals, and an iPad with an artificial horizon, and and looking at the terrain on a flat 2D PC monitor in front of the cockpit parts :wink:

Many cockpit builders in this forum are absolute awesome to recreate awesome realistic GA planes for superb immersion - but it´s impossible for a normal private person to build an Airliner cockpit in the living room.

Because who has 50.000$ and a room to spare to buy parts to recreate a realistic Airbus cockpit?
Fenix VR is the best of the best, and offers the best photorealistic and immersive cockpit we can currently get for Airliners.

anyone tried this yet ?

sorry what post are you refering to?

Alot of people just flat out dislike VR, it’s not a solution for everyone. I tried multiple headsets over a year in 3 sims with the best CPU & GPU (3090) with settings tweaked repeatedly. Still didn’t like it and was much happier going back to a full quality picture, high framerate and the ability to drink beer, chat with family or eat a snack while I do a flight. Wearing a headset is just ■■■■ annoying. Glad you like it, but it’s personal preference and an improvement in SOME parts of simming, not all parts.

As for building a complete cockpit - that’s not a requirement to enjoy using hardware.

All you need is the controls that are used once you’re airborne, i.e. Control surfaces, Power, Autopilot controls, MCDU, and maybe radios depending how the plane does them.

Low priority controls like the overhead panel, console and any infrequent controls can be done with the mouse during the low stress startup and shutdown phase.

It’s really a shame that Fenix are not allowing hardware integration or remote MCDU for those that love Airbus. They’re really the odd one out given that the other high fidelity addons can be made to work with some scripting. I’d understand if it was marketed to the casual simmer, but it’s not an Xbox simulation… Fenix is on the hardcore side, the market that tends to be more likely to buy hardware.

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Hi, any progress on this one?

Yes I’d also like to know if popout panels and AviaCDU compatibility are in the works. It’s still what’s keeping me from buying this aircraft.

Hello i just had a chat with JAVA SIMULATOR their MCDU works with Fenix A320 & they are also working on FCU panel compatibility even in the near future. So it will be worth waiting for the compatibility sooner, By the way FENIX A320 is an fantastic aircraft.

I purchased their MCDU Aug 9th and the order is still processing. I reached out to them for a status update via facebook messenger. First time no response, second time told me he would email me the shipping schedule (never did) third and fourth time no response. Any link on their website to social media takes you to the same site youre already on. There is no contact us area other than a facebook messenger site. On their facebook page they posted pictures of shipment boxes with no proof of whats in them to show they are sending out product ls which is kinda a red flag to me. And the others are comenting asking for status update on their order they placed in June. Their whole operation seems a little sketch.

Small discussion with a Fenix staff member about this topic of the MCDU. Pretty disappointed that they want “control” therefore won’t let anyone else help make it happen and we just have to wait and wait and wait for their small team to do something.