Fenix A320 + Prosim A320 = NO Hardware and Remote Panels

Remote FMC Is a pretty big feature they don’t seem to think matters as much as the rest of us do. It’s costing them my sale so far. Hopefully they get around to it sooner than later.

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Yeah it’s a really needed feature, I did purchase the aircraft when it came out but thinking they would add that feature within a month or two not this flipping long. Could be well over a year until we see this done.

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I have tried my best

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Their comment doesn’t really make sense - if they opened up the option to allow, say, Aviaworx to create a remote MCDU, then if they needed to “completely change how they handled the MCDU” then that option is still available to them; there’s no obligation to provide backward capability to a third party … the add-on producer would need to keep up to ensure their customers were happy. I too am amazed that this in not available for an add-on that claims to be the best in class.

I think what they had to do was compromise. Fenix was unproven, and ProSim didn’t want to put all their money where their mouth was. Fenix was all but a startup at the time, and one of their big goals at the beginning was to make the most realistic consumer A320 addon. Since they had a smaller team, they had to make things achievable for their team, to avoid pulling a Star Citizen and flopping. This deal with ProSim was essential for their success.

In the flight sim world, we’ve become accustomed to having stuff work with hardware, or for us, the community to create some way for the hardware to work with the sim (eg. Mobiflight, FSUIPC, etc.). This worked because, in most, if not all, of the A320 addons out there, the entire aircraft, from sounds to systems and textures was all built in house. Fenix just didn’t have the time nor money to do that.

As for Fenix wanting “control” over things is less of a greed thing and more of a trying to remain on good standing (or staying within their contract, for that matter) with ProSim. ProSim probably wants a tight leash on Fenix due to the fact that they, are a company, and they, want money. And for ProSim, the most profitable way they can use their software (in their view) is to sell the more expensive product to the people who want more features. Coming from a business standpoint, this makes sense. The only way that Fenix were going to be able to pull off what they did was to make the systems only in sim, and just make some of it compatible with more common consumer hardware.

The decision to make the systems and displays only be in sim was based off of cautiousness off of ProSim’s part, because if the investment in Fenix fell apart, they would look foolhardy. I do think they will revisit this because Fenix is a good company, and I do think that having a licensing, or extra expansion thing for the Fenix will pay off for ProSim, and make them more money in the long run, since there’s quite a sizable community of us that want the experience of amazing system depth with more in-depth hardware without having to pay the exorbitant price of having a full real cockpit in our houses.

I think we just have to wait a little and just deal with what we have now, for the Fenix and ProSim teams to meet again and give us better access.

Hello guys, just a little refresh of the topic .Was someone trying for ex. on Air Manager to have a full overhead panel in FENIX on a separate touchscreen? Or maybe there is a way to make it through adding new render window after SU10? Unfortunatelly for now i see that new render window view is related with main view so this is hard to center the view on overhead panel. Thanks a lot for any advice.

It won’t work with the new render window because of the screen relation issue you mentioned yourself, so far there is no way around that. And no one has been able to get air manager to work with any significant portion of Fenix components yet either, as far as I’m aware

We have build an External interface for FDS Products … and the MCDU Works Well on Fenix … USB and Ethernet works ! :slight_smile:

Hi, I can share your statements 100 %!!! Keep your fingers of this produts. The quality is poor and the support is much more poorer. My story as follows:

I ordered the MCDU in September 2021 in the hope to get it till xmas 2021. I got it in january 2022. I had huge problems with the money transfer cause his company was wrong so the money bounced back. 60 € fees for the bank lost! Had to pay it a second time with the correct company name …

It took some time to get it running. It worked round about 8 weeks till the first issues started. After a while my PC didn´t detect the device anylonger. I figured out that the micro USB port on the circuit board was a kind of loose. I got a short PDF from java soft how to fix it myself. Cause sending back was no option to pay another high custom fees as well.

Fixing was not possible so the owner promissed me to send a circuit board that I can mount myself. No problem for me cause I am an engineer. Till today no new parts send from thailand! I often wait weeks for an answer and then he told me twice that he was in hospital, he had an car accident, the sent it via normall postal service twice and so on … Seems that these are excuse only …

I am very “■■■■■■” cause it seems that I have lost 500 € … ahhrggg …

greets from germany


means what? Tell us more please …

Greets Klaus


I have a cpflight FCU and a non working MCDU from java simulator. Too bad, cause it seems like the MCDU is working with the java hardware and the fenix bus. Very sad, that fenix in general doesn´t want´t to support third party hardware decices :frowning: I was waiting the whole time and I read today, that it will never be real to use hardware… one mor reason to go back to FBW … buhuhuhuhu …


You have an PN inbox :wink:

Same here… will buy it in a heartbeat … maybe they will listen if enough potential customers register their interest … FBW A32NX (Freeware) includes remote MCDU and Printer ‘out of the box’ (Fenix is missing a trick)

EFIS/FCU hardware compatible with Fenix : x-plane.vip - QuickMade - QFCU
MCDU Hardware compatible with Fenix : https://a320fcu.com/


Can you confirm that the FCU 100% works with the fenix and the shipping company is legit?

Please can you also send to me?