Fenix A320 RAT deployed

Since couple of flights I have Ram Air Turbine out . I understand the utility of RAT but I dont understand why it is out by default now.

How can I retract it inside?

Hi there, it might be helpful to include which aircraft. The Fenix A320 does have this modelled, and the MCDU does have a maintenance section; if that is the correct aircraft.

EDIT: Topic title altered.

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Thanks I will check it :slight_smile:

I don’t own this aircraft but might also check the EFB tablet.

I checked it and dont have this option in EFB and FMC. Could be a good question to ask at their support services.

You changed the title of the post, it’s good now and it’s better than when you wrote RAM instead of RAT. I apologize you for that. :smiley:
On panel display you will see “RAT OUT” and not “RAT deployed” as the name you gave to my post.
No problem bro :wink:
I found this discussion there:

In my experience, when you slew it sometimes deploys.

MCDU Menu>Maint>Failures clear the RAT, that should fix the issue.

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Good point I remember now that I slew before. Will check for clear it in MCDU next time.


Hm normally the rats only come out when the ship is sinking :wink: did something bad happen to the Fenix a few days ago that lured the rat out?

I think the RAT can be restored with the EFB (but I am not fully sure I never had it out yet, and I don´t know every single page and sub-menu in the EFB and MCDU).

I recreated the situation but in Failures menu but when I click on L3 nothing append the RAT still deployed

Weird, when it happened to me, I pressed CLR, and removed the RAT. It fixed it for me.

I assume in this special case we need a mouser to get rid of the RAT.


Under what circumstances comes the rat out of her hiding? Normally when the blue hydraulics pump fails, or when the electric fails, or when she is smelling cheese.
Was the RAT coming out for no reason and is now always deployed on the Fenix?

The Airbus can retract the RAT with an electric servo. Maybe there is a button for that inside the cockpit, under MANUAL RAT or so. Sorry I have tested the RAT only once that´s why I don´t know the retract button.

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The button in the cockpit is only for deploying the RAT. Maybe the RAT once free doesn’t want to come back to its nest :joy:

Its the bouton CLR for MCDU?

Yeah, like clearing a waypoint, you just clear the RAT option in the MAINT page.

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The gods of developing and programming NASA-grade study-level airliners themselves, the creators of the awesome Fenix, have told me how to lure the RAT back into her nest.

In regards to the RAT deployment, you can retract it via
*MCDU MENU > MAINT > Failures *
Press on the CLR button and click on the button for “RAT DEPLOYED”

I was not able to find this in the menu while looking through the MCDU for you, but voilá here it is.
Now the RAT can finally rest again, hibernating in her warm nest!

Rest in peace Rat :joy: