FFAI - Complete AI Traffic add-on coming soon for MSFS

  • Simple installation: single drag & drop to Community folder - no other software or modifications required
  • Online traffic mode (real world airline liveries for online traffic)
  • Offline traffic mode (real world airline routes and schedules enabling pre-Covid offline traffic levels)
  • Only airlines serving an airport in real life appear as ground traffic at that airport
  • Optimized native MSFS AI models - 50% less GPU drawcalls per plane than the default A320 model
  • Can work alongside other AI add-ons / megapacks

FFAI. Framerate-Friendly AI.


Great class, can’t wait !!!

WOW! i searched for somethign exactly the same like this… it is 1 click installer?

Those models… please, no, not even close to what we want…


Great, will it also work with Vatsim?

does it have all models?


Even this would be a very significant advance, unless it needs a Supercomputer to run on !!

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This is a very exciting announcement and a great video. Let me know if you need a beta tester. :slight_smile:

what models?

they are generic asobo models

Looking forward to this, gonna be a good solution until AIG comes. So much better seeing correct liveries than random colours :slight_smile:


do you even watch the video or read the text?
And writing in caps is really not necessary…


or you can stop being a wise butt!

P.S. I didn’t write ALL in caps. Obviously that second line was a typo from pressing the caps lock. Additionally, I did see various models, and as a work in progress, it is possible there will be more models. If not, it says it works with other add on, so it is possible our models will work with it anyhow. We need more info.

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But nobody yet has asked the most important question… I guess we’re all a bit ashamed to ask that one… so I’ll do it this time… no need to thank me… but next time someone else okay?

… is it free?

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Great! I’d like to know approximately when it will be released?

Great job,i cant wait to get it. Lefe aside the AIG or orther slow developed add-on.

I am salivating for this.


All I see in the vid above is the default MSFS AI models which are utterly â– â– â– â– , even if they use the correct textures. And I honestly do not want any AI traffic where the whole traffic is represented by an A330 that does not really look like an A330, the default A320Neo and the strange thing that supposed to be an A380.

We will see, but if you start off which such a video, I doubt that it will end up anywhere close to what we will get from AIG…


Agree with some of the comments above. Having the correct liveries is one thing, but only having the generic ASOBO models really isn’t an ideal solution….


Its atleast a start and nice that the creator put the time and effort into it. So, thanks for that!
Im sure there will be better solutions in the future. Expecially we VATSIM Flyers need proper Model Matching, unfortunately, this isnt it. But for flying offline, its a good start. :slight_smile: