Finally cured CTDs!

Cured persistent CTDs. I had CTDs after all kinds of interactions with the sim. I could never identify the cause. Finally I tried something I saw in the big post about CTDs and it worked.
Open Task Manager while FS is running. In the tabs at the top, select Details and drop down to Flightsimulator.exe. Right click on that and select Set Affinity. Probably all the boxes will be checked. Uncheck the boxes for cores 0 and 1. That still leaves plenty of cores for FS, but now gives 2 cores to Windows events and processes so they don’t bother FS. That has totally stopped my CTDs.
Another thing that I did was to select the current Studio Driver for nVidia instead of the game ready driver. I can’t see any difference flying, but it is reportedly more stable.
I fly 100% VR. HP Reverb G2, i9900, nVidia 2080ti.

again these old placebo solution with the affinity :rofl:


What I can’t understand is all the fuss about CTDs. I’ve had ONE early on when I plugged in my yoke after starting the game.

Never happened since.

Has to be summat wrong with people’s computers.

Has to be…


Be patient my8, they’ll come, they’ll come…

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I should mention that the affinity settings do not remain after a reboot, so you have to do it again before flying.

Yep, for me, give us today our daily CTD. I usually get one per day, just hope it happens before I’ve flown a long time.
But along with community folder stuff I use Neofly, Little Nav map, and P2ATC so it might be all the extra “stuff” putting a load on the system. Will try the core idea!!

you find a batch script for doing that here: [FIXED] Random CTDs due to internet and hardware issues ( as mentioned, a old …very old… topic )

But as mentioned, for me exists just some kind of system issue if these setting is necessary. Setting of process affinity should never be necessary and these “theory” to " reserve prozessors for windows " is just a ‘theory’. What you do with these setting is simple to limit the maximal load on your CPU… windows not need two cores in full-load and so you simple cut-off these 2cores for MSFS and may be these are also these 2cores with the highest boost.


Not sure why this would help. If Windows events and processes are “bothering” MSFS, this would be a HUGE Windows bug. Not allowing MSFS to use cores 0 and 1 is messing around with the Windows scheduler and memory management. Unless one is familiar with how Windows schedules processes, this command should not be used.


That is what I am running too, and now enjoying completed long flights.

I am just sharing what has been working for me. Those with sophisticated computer knowledge can have their opinions, but I am enjoying long flights…

Amazing as it may be, this actually seems to work.