Finally! SU4 added a Splash Screen!

Of course, see the first post… someone might create an addon? A splashon!

We still have the image!

Recognize the sim is starting and open the image… some clever whizkid…

We can do this ourselves!

Well… the whizkid can… don’t look at me…

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@Jummivana Maybe some OFFICIAL information about this from MS / ASOBO would put everyone’s mind at rest.

Indeed an official word would be appreciated


Same here - had it for a couple of days after SU4, and now it’s gone…

Same here. Had the splash screen for several days.
Today, no more.

I wonder if they have some control on its appearance (outside a sim update)?
Maybe the “SET YOUR EXPERIENCE” phase can push parameters.

Same here, got the splash screen just once and no longer get it.

I still use this mod, works as intended since day one, after every update so far.
It has its own splash screen.

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I believe it has to do with the updated Xbox app on the PC. That probably had to intialize once when starting MSFS for the first time with that new version. (Everyone remember the “we ar syncing your data, should only take a little” or something screen?)

That also would account why some players (probably all on Steam) haven’t seen it.


I had the splash screen for a few days after SU4, but it went away and I haven’t had it since.

The little Flash screen on loading has disappeared. Where did it go? How does one get it back?

Sadly, it is gone - perhaps never to return again… :disappointed_relieved:

Far better than the MS FIXED one, here is one that you can customize to be whatever you want …

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Thank you!
It’s because of you and others like Pieloth that I keep following this forum.
Thanks again!

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Pieloth is he creator of this neat Splash Screen, and has generously said anyone is free to use it.

I modified it a little, to add a COUNTER Timer, and also to do a few quick edits to one of the MSFS cfg files (ashamed to say, in a very crude manner… it was only meant for me)

The counter is a convenient way to monitor how long MSFS takes to initially load - a function of how much you put in your community folder !!

But now that the Official MSFS one has stopped working, I’ll share my version, for anyone who would like to try it as an alternative


Once again, all credit goes to Pieloth.


(its a BATCH file, so Human readable, so you can check for yourself that it not doing anything inappropriate to your PC - download and remove the .pln )

MSFS (67.3 KB)

It is set to work with MSFS MS-STORE
If you have STEAM, edit it as indicated in the Batch file to switch it over to launch the Steam Version of MSFS


Works great for me! I assume that the modifications you mentioned dealt with the VR eyepoints?
Don’t use VR, myself, but I didn’t edit your mod at all and everything still seems hunky-dory.

Thanks again!

No, Nothing to do with VR.
The edits are to do with removing the Color Fringing, that is very evident on the Hanger, when looking at the upper windows.

But obviously you can leave then there , edit them to do something else, or completely remove them.

You can also add other startup items, that you always need with MSFS, like Stream Deck, LNM or JoinFS etc etc

Now YOU have control, and it wont suddenly disappear on you, unless you delete it yourself.

Its also very easy to change the Splash Screen Image, to either another one on the Internet, or a local image on your Hard Drive.

My bad. I am no coder by any stretch of the imagination.

I am actually satisfied with the counter set-up you included and the default MSFS splash screen works for me, too.

If you say it’s better to remove the hangar color fringing, gotta say I never noticed it in the first place. But then I don’t spend much time there except perhaps to check out some of the different liveries I have installed.

Appreciate you sharing your bat file with us!

Nice to be able to give something back. So many others are doing amazing work, for the community.

I do not know how to do scenery, or use Blender, so I am limited to working on code… mainly Instruments MODS in JS…

This Startup I modded months ago, and always use it – cannot Imagine starting MSFS any other way now.

BTW: IF you can get the DEFAULT startup screen, you BOTH have an Internet connection, and the MS Azure servers are at least doing something and are alive.

I can’t see the splash screen, when I start the simulator

Which splash screen ? The Microsoft one, or the above Splash Screen Application. ?

The Microsoft one
They added with the latest update