First impressions with the Nvidia 4080 in VR

There’s a review up on Babel Tech Reviews (not sure if links are allowed).

They didn’t test MSFS directly, but based off the most demanding game they ran, the numbers look like:

(All as measured frames per second, compared to a 3080ti)

4080 = 128.96%
4090 = 178.62%

They used a different resolution on these tests to when they ran the 4090 before, so the following isn’t a completely fair comparison, but as a guide when compared to the 3090 the 4090 was 169.97%

All in I think the 4080 doesn’t look too great in terms of value for money, especially with the prices now of the 30 series cards.

You should be able to push the 4080 more than your settings. Maybe try HAGS and Dx12.

Numbers are great to read about, however, I always test using the “Mark I Eyeball” method.

If it looks good, it is good.


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Tried DX12 yesterday, went back to 11, runs better with the 2070S
SMT is still disabled, lets see what happens with the 5600X and/or 4080

Since SMT off I have realtively constant 30fps with OXRDev 100, OXRToolKit 80 FSR and DLSS quality

With 3080ti and DLSS i went OXR 150% on DX11.

Get around 45 to 50fps (tested Nice airport with Multiplayer). DX12 gave me slight microstutters.

I also turned HAGS on with kind of improved performance.

I wont upgrade to 40 series. 4080 not wort the 30% performance uplift over 3080ti. 4090 is bonkers on its prize and the melting cables are a nono.

My 12700k is a yearlong friend now with the 3080ti and they will stay together. Next upgrade might come with 5000series and Intel 14th gen.


Just a little update.
I went from R7 3700X to R5 5600X (SMT OFF) and from 2070S to 4080
Well, what should I say…

I can run now full native resoltion in OXRDev Tool, OXRToolKit with NSR and TAA 100. (Reverb G2)
DX11 mode
It is awesom! Such a difference, I can clearly read all in the glass cockpits.

Dont talk about the price of the 4080, it feels just like a rip off, but the plain result, I like.

Thanks fo you comments.

I have just still an issue with the draw distance of objects, for example the PAPI ligths, or other runway lights.

The light itself is seable from the distance, but the 3d model, pops up in about 100? ft distance.

Object LoD is set to 200
LoDFactor 2.000000

Any hints?

Any further update on your settings and results with this @BuggyMasters?

Also, as you have a similar system to mine, except you have the 4080 and I have the 3080 and I am considering such an upgrate, I was wondering if you could load in a complex aircraft (eg. PMDG 737) at parking spot Gate E 10 at KLAX, live weather, MP and AI traffic, high preset, set TLOD to 100 and TAA 100% and OXR at 80% and tell me roughly what FPS you are getting in VR looking forward in the cockpit. I just want to know if your CPU is still holding you back or if the GPU upgrade improves such a scenario regardless. Thanks.

I’m getting 30fps on TLOD @ 220 in the 737 at KLAX live weather with ai traffic. That’s with most settings on ultra. I suspect if I dropped it to 100 on TLOD I’d get 35. I’d say over a 3080 you’d be pretty happy.

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4090 melting cables?

With TLOD @ 220 and all settings Ultra I get 23 FPS. VRAM usage is showing 110%, which explains why it’s very stuttery if I look around at those settings as the GPU is likely paging from system RAM. Interestingly, reducing TLOD to 100 didn’t improve my FPS, again likely because of overallocated VRAM. I’d likely benefit from a GPU upgrade for increased VRAM capacity alone.

Thanks for the comparative data, which has been helpful in my own deliberations.

it is the 4080 thread …

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For increased levels of detail the gpu memory is crucial. That is why I want to wait and see what AMD will be offering. DLSS3 frame generation does not work for VR, that would have been a reason for me to upgrade to a 4080.
Since that is off the table, next in line is memory and AMD seems to be offering a lot of that.
I am currently running a 3080 and my case will not accomodate a 4090 due to power constraints.

I am also interested in how the new AMD cards will go. I don’t care for the blur that DLSS produces no matter how much you over render first, so raw GPU power and large memory is what I really want. Only a few weeks to go!

I think you would see that DLSS3 + frame generation ( especially that ) is something different than what we are used to.
The problem in VR is latency, frame generation delays your scene output with two frames. In other words, what you are seeing is the state two frames ago. That creates a weird sensation in VR.

I know, he (@BuggyMasters ) asked about the 4090 melting topic…

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didnt you heared of that issue? google nvidia 4090 burning or melting cables.

Guys, a huge 4090 melting cable thread are here:

We don’t need another one :wink:


Tested yesterday,
win10, hp reverb g1, 13700k, 5600T ddr5, 4080, openxr 100% Samscene3d Tokyo all ultra highest , ultra 400 lod.
DLSS 2 balanced, mr depth+ motion 27-29 fps. Dlss 3 of course is not working on VR. I set the cpu affinity only to the Pcores which reduces cpu bound lag


Thanks for sharing your results. Can you share how you setup CPU Affinity to Pcores?
I have been testing the waters with OXR > 100% and interesting results. Testing higher OXR vs higher LOD in non MR mode.
Might have to try high Lod and 100 oxr.

My current setup:
Win 10, 12700K, 32 GB, G2, Oxr 200%, MR off, Dlss (Qual/bal/Perf) HAGS ON, Resizable Bar On, HT enabled, DX12
Nvidia setting: low latency- ultra, power- Pref Max performance, anisotropic Off, Negative lod Clamp, Threaded Opti on,
MSFS: Most Ultra, few high and medium LOD 125.
I am getting 30 - 43 smooth over NYC. DLLS Performance in mid 40s, quality brings it down to mid 30s.

Openxrtoolkit turbo mode game me me CTD. If I have it enabled and switch to VR, screen freezes for like 5 seconds then CTD. Both in DX12 and DX11. I have tried the latest version 1.2.2, went back to 1.2.1 still freeze CTD. whats weird is I had toolkit running couple weeks ago with DX12 and turbo on with mind blowing performance. Not sure which update/tweak broke it. I even stopped the hollowgraphic shell.
update: ran toolkit in safe mode, reset the setting and was able to run it. as soon as I enabled Turbo on, freeze and CTD. hopefully there will be an update soon from Matt, I enjoyed turbo. :slight_smile: