First thoughts on sim update 5

Hey there simmers from across the world,

Today sim update 5 released and I just wanted to know what were your first thoughts and reactions tot he new update was this update good or bad and why for you. Can’t wait to see your replies.

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Nothing yet, update completed sitting at the main screen for about 30 mins doing nothing. Loaded up what I had in the .xml config for my 3rd party stuff. In the process of backing up community folder, emptying it and trying again.

My impressions so far:
About 4 or 5 CTD’s during loading and updating the game afterwards stuck on “checking for updates” for about 20-30 min and currently download speed hovering around 1Mb/s range on 1000Mb connection and i’m stuck at 20% after over a hour of updating.


Just restarted and a BIG red banner just showed up. Online services are not available. No wonder its just sitting there.

Take the pilot seat screen is where its stuck. Can see by the moving blue bar on the bottom something not right like services are down Its crawling slower than a snail

I have managed to start the update from Steam, its extremely slow even on 1gb internet.
Must have been running for an hour and only on 17% of a 40gb download.
Good to see my GPU is being tested out during the download too!


My CPU is running very hot now ingame. before the patch around 68c , now 78c

Update took me 4 hours. Did one flight. With 787 i got around 60fps in the cockpit @ san fransisco. Also the colors seem to be bit different. There’s still lot’s of stutters though. And there’s scenery popping everywhere when you look around or switch views.

Sim crashed after the one flight. Also crashed in the menu after i restarted. And crashed again during restarting. (Before i’ve only had a few ctd’s)

So… Performance wise it seems a bit better. But doesn’t seem to be stable.

Also the new water fx for the float planes look like complete garbage…

Oh and i’m stuck in the loading menu now😊


dunno i got the hey there is an mandatory update , 20 minutes ago , now at 10% :smiley:


Wow! Under exact same conditions I’m getting 75 fps after SU5. Before I got 47 fps. This is nearly a 60% plus. That’s in 2D.
But going into VR gave me a black screen and after 1 minute a sim shutdown.
Will try again after a restart.


Workaround: Don’t do that

Source: Jorg’s interviewer, Abriael


Great advice👍

They should really hammer home the fact they completely changed how knobs work BEFORE we try to use them.


i just finished the updated. My GPU fan is considerably louder and temps are about 10c higher. CPU usage is the same at ~20%. no difference observed in FPS in same areas I used to fly with the same settings and plane. Multiplayer doesnt seem to work though? I’m not sure whats going on…but i feel like the update hasn’t changed anything much? i’m not sure why it took 60GB and 4 hours…

Trash if you were a PC player using a gamepad in combination with mouse. It’s absolutely broken atm.


I recommend setting CPU Power State to 99% max. That greatly lowers the temps.

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Noticeable performance uplift. Seaplane water effects are welcome but I’m not entirely sold water handling is actually better. The new way mouse cockpit interaction works was a bit annoying to have changed without prompting or explanation but easy enough to switch it back.

Had no problems at all downloading and installing the complete update, 40+GB. Started the sim and everything seemed alright. I loaded a flight into the world map and it took over 30 minutes to start it. This is not good at all. Will try another one later on and hope that was just a one time deal.

I’m having this too (long delay before starting flight). I put in the parameters for a short flight over LA and it’s been loading the flight for about 15 minutes. Before the flight, I deleted my rolling cache, so I’m guessing that it’s reloading that?


I would say my flight loading times are the same or slightly improved.

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I tried deleting the rolling cache and changing servers, still have the same issue :frowning:

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