Fix Simconnect

+1 I have opened tickets but I am afraid it is not the priority which I do not understand at all …

FSUIPCv7 via MobiFlight, FS2020 Bridge service for AirManager, VATSIM client, any streaming client overlay that taps into FS for flight tracking updates

All cause FPS to go from 60-80 down to 16 for me.

Zendesk ticket filed.

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Same problem

Me parece fundamental que lo arreglen

English please!


it worked fine in the beta, pretty disappointed they would break it for the full release. I thought they would rush quick fixes in the first week but on same build. I’m hoping they will be better than xplane on fixing things quick, not that xplane didn’t fix some things quick but their were so many things broke


Plus one. For me, I cannot use my MCP, and had to go back to FSX . Until it is fixed, MSFS remains an arcade game, not a flight simulator !

And I am astonished that they do not even list it in the “Known Issues” showing no priority. This shows they do not understand that a lot of users are looking for a real flight simulator, not just a nice game. They put more focus on graphics than on systems, procedures and flight models. They made the same mistake with Flight, and it was a complete fiasco !

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please fix simconnect so i can use my logitech panels. mini map program and fsuipc


Any updates on this issue yet? I honestly haven’t heard a thing from MS/Asobo regarding this issue. I think we all need SimConnect!!


Yay! :smile:

+1". Need it for FSUIPC to operate my PFC throttle quadrant and need it for my Brunner yoke and rudder pedals. Also for Pilot2ATC.

Whatever form of SimConnect that SimToolkitPro uses seems to work fine, but FSUIPCv7 gives me a 50% fps drop, so I’m unable to use Pilot2ATC…

I find this to be very annoying for sure. I’m trying to use this for flight training and I’m using FlightEvents (to map to my Foreflight tablet), SPAD.neXt (for Logitech panels), and finally for Vatsim. My FPS decreases from 30-35 down to 10-15 when using these three SimConnect applications. Unfortunately that makes precision landings… well, difficult.

Has been confirmed this is fixed in the next patch, which should come out somewhere in the next week.


cant wait for this fix !


SIMCONNECT Stutter might have been fixed but never fixed the SIMCONNECT SLEW and Camera controls !!

Still having CTD with this and certain aircraft and locales…