SimConnect stutter

Brunner problem linked to this issue.

Indeed, I am using the Brunner yoke too. It worked beautifully in Beta. Now it doesn’t work at all.

MAJOR BUG, it needs to be fixed NOW with a hotfix.

I urged everyone to send in a bug report via ZENDESK.

Having us just screaming here is to no use. They need many bug reports to prioritize it.


I have Logitech G Pro Flight multi panel, radio panel and switch panel peripherals that I can’t use because of SimConnect.

I also want to use services like Navigraph, Foreflight, FSEconomy, PilotEdge, VATSIM and more.

Deserves a hotfix.

Petition Microsoft at Zendesk to fix this. Forums are for other users to fix problems for you, Zendesk is for talking to the developers.

MS/ASOBO is very un-professional as they not communicate that they are aware of this BIG UGLY BUG.

Hello all,

We are aware of this issue. We already tracked its source, and we working on a solution at this moment.
We will provide a patch as soon as possible.

We apologize for the inconvencience,

Engine Developer / Asobo


Thank you for the acknowledgment and feedback. I will stick with Xplane as my main flight sim, for the moment, until the fix is released. Awesome sim btw, well done.

Great - this is what I wanted to hear and that you know that it is a “big deal.” Thanks!

+1 causing major stuttering with Simconnect which I need to use for our Virtual Airline tracking app

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We need a Hotfix not a patch in 2-3 weeks.


Amazing !! Lets gooo Asobo !!


Good to see an official response…and +1 here being a SPAD.neXt and Air Manager user depending on these to support my cockpit build. I’m also a “happy” owner of MSFS 2020 Premium Deluxe that I can’t use with my home cockpit at all because of the SimConnect bug :stuck_out_tongue:

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+1 want to use vatsim

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Fly UK SkyTrack

How about TrackIR, is that working?

This is all we ask for :slight_smile: Thank you for taking time to update us amidst all the rush going on fixing things.


A Pilot’s Life

Yes, TrackIR is working.

I think enough is enough there should of been an update pushed for this days ago. This is awful that people can not use there software or hardware. and now also a partnership that we cant use Vatsim. awful that was ment to work from the go. another Microsoft lie

+1. Need for homemade cockpit controls & displays