[FIXED] World Update 3 has broken flight dynamics, exhibit A

Perhaps Asobo should then segregate flight dynamics changes to sim updates only and not stick them into world updates? :wink:


I don’t think so. While some aircraft are reported to float a bit more, the 787 couldn’t even fly level with full flaps at approach speed.

So, fix one aircraft, break many others?


All of them still need serious FDE work. They didn’t really break anything.
The 787 was simply unflyable.

Missing prop drag is one of the main reasons for excessive floating.
This still needs to be implemented.
Haven’t tested, maybe flap drag is okay and the missing prop drag is now even more obvious.


Yeah, do a circuit in a Grand Caravan. You will know exactly what I mean. Do you mostly fly the 787? I honestly haven’t touched it in months.

If this fix is the result of a desire for a more realistic simulation, I welcome it.
We just need to update the flight model on the plane side.

However, it seems that there are some simulation elements missing, so I wonder if the result is that the correct implementation will be weird.

The sim should support ‘versioning’ of the flight model, so aircraft could call the version they were tuned to and later versions could add new enhancements without impacting every existing aircraft.


i have same problem

As you said, version control is necessary.
If a third party stops updating for some reason, the current sequential update method will cause problems.
Especially in the case of encrypted marketplace sales.

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Thank God I’m not crazy and the only one with this issue.

The A320 Literally floated across a 3400ft runway from one end to the other and a good chunk of it was at 80kts or less and it kept on floating.

Something be very very very wrong with this update.


As I understood, they changed the flaps drag and ground effect to match IRL. But, it looks like they … forgot to update all the flight models to reflect the changes lol.


Yeah, FBW team have adjusted the flight model and we will see a patch for them maybe today

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There are over 20 third party aircraft for the sim now, are we going to wait for them all to issue fixes?

And because it takes so long for Marketplace fixes to be accepted and approved by Microsoft, Sim Update 3 might be out by then with even more flight model changes that require yet more updates.


Right, a world update…so why are there a load of flight dynamics changes in it that make the sim completely unplayable in the majority of aircraft? If we have to wait til sim update 3 for a fix, that’s a couple of weeks the sim is unusable. Even then, we may not get a fix in sim update 3 and it’ll likely be like pulling hen’s teeth trying to get Asobo to even acknowledge that they’ve created a problem. Releasing an update that breaks stuff with the intention of fixing it in a future update just isn’t good enough…if that even is their intention. Certain things are now just impossible, like the landing challenge at St Barts.


Definite bug to flight dynamics. I regularly fly the TBM and it’s far from realistic now. You can float in ground effect at 50kts for 1000m.

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I can say the 172 does not behave like this, but it was the only plane I tried yesterday. Will take a look at the 208 this evening.

Don’t get your hopes up. Asobo were asked at the last dev update, I think, if delays to the world update would mean delays to the sim update, and they said it was likely, yes. I’d be surprised if we see it before end of March now.

Yes. Same here. Oh geez. Everytime they touch something aviation related they mess it up. According to the release notes they apparently tried to fix one or two airliners which were broken from the beginning but where for the A32 the community developed a great fix (FBW). And now this “fix” for the airliners breaks it for all other aircraft. Default or third party. At least with the third party ones there is hope the community fixes their mistake (again), but what about the default ones such as the highly popular TBM?


I’ve only tried C208 so far and it is way of with følight dynamics. Almost imposible to land in a prorper way. Take of on very low speed.


Yep. Seen here the same as well. Exceptionally low take off speeds, stall warnings at very low speeds or none at all. If you give a bit of nose down during take off it still goes well. It seems to differ per plane though. C172/C208 are definitely affected. TBM was OK so far but haven’t checked it fully.

Just need to check if it is only with flaps down, or also with flaps fully up.

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These things p1ss me off. Asobo has delayed the update 2 times. They are supposedly testing updates with beta testers. And with every update we have big issues like this that should be noticed in less than 5 minutes of testing. And not even talk about “hot fixes”, that are released in 2 weeks or even in the next update.

I don’t think it’s so difficult to TEST RELEASE VERSIONS.