[FIXED] World Update 3 has broken flight dynamics, exhibit A

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I don’t know what’s happened in World Update 3 but the physics seem to be all over the place. I’ve only thoroughly tested the C208 and the TBM so far, but they are taking off at crazy low speeds. Landing them is extremely hard, they’re floating along above the ground at speeds they should be stalling at.

Here’s a video of the TBM at St Barts. As you can see from the gauges, I’m pretty much throttle idle all the time. Not only does it float the whole way down the runway at throttle idle, it can remain floating and flying right to the cliffs on the other side of the bay, not even stalling at 50 knots. Ridiculous stuff that this release has done this after being delayed for three weeks so it could be “polished”.

EDIT: I should also fold into this that when I do get the plane down on the runway at a normal landing speed of 80 knots or so, full reverse thrust and braking isn’t enough to stop me before the the end of the runway. Along with the flight dynamics, braking action seems to have been severely compromised.

My community folder is empty, my sim is completely stock.

My specs are (though it should be irrelevant in this case)…

Aorus B550i motherboard
AMD Ryzen 7 5800x
Palit RTX 3080
32Gb DDR4 RAM @3600Mhz

That video doesn’t show much, it looks to me like you planing on top of the water. Sure it should probably crash and sink. But that doesn’t show physics is broken. The rest of you flight shows that isn’t the case.

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I am not planing on top of the water. I’m a solid ten-fifteen feet above the water. A TBM at 50 knots, throttle idle over water should be stalling and sinking into the water. Due respect to you and I appreciate the comment, but that’s simply not true. It feels completely different from before. At throttle idle on the approach, I should have been into the hill. I should have needed power to get over the hill and had to idle as I dove down it, again, as was the case before this update.


This is exactly the case here as well. Grand Caravan is all I tested, but that one is pretty shot now. Sucks to hear about TBM - I love that bird.


YES!! So great to see someone else notice this! The planes are flying too fast at too low throttle now, they float constantly on landing with standard flap deploy degrees, and are now the take way longer to brake. Something definitely changed. It’s like there is way less wind resistance or something. Btw, I’ve noticed this with several different planes (TBM, King Air, C172, etc) and they all have these issues. First noticed it on landing challenges, then tried normal takeoffs/landings using the world map and had the same experiences. Compared it to X-Plane 11 and its definitely not right, was much more like X-Plane flight dynamics before today’s update.


It is happening for me also. After the update, I was able to rotate the Caravan, half flaps, at 20 kts and take off at 30kts and float up in the air at that speed with no stall warning. I could also land at ridiculously low speed. I hope this get fixed in the next update.


Just as the OP experienced, I observed the same “floating” problem with the TBM 930 with today’s update. I read somewhere (don’t remember where though) that Asobo increased the lift effect of the flaps, which could explain what we now experience, but it is not as it should be. I think they broke it.

Approaching the TBM at 85 KIAS over the threshold with full flaps, throttle idle, I now need a nose down attitude over the runway for the aircraft to land, otherwise the TBM floats forever. Any attempt to raise the nose a bit so as to land on the main wheels results in the aircraft gaining altitude, not supposed to be like this.


There is something definitely not right. I fly the C172 G1000 everyday, mostly on Few Clouds WX preset, That gives you a 3-5 MPH wind speed. Plane has always flown and landed fine. Since the update, that small amount of wind moves the plane all around the sky, like you were flying low over mountains. I deleted the wind layer so I had 0 winds. It still bounced around some. At first I thought I was imagining things.


Just flew and landed the 172 and it seemed fine to me. No difference to the previous update. I’ll check out some other planes

Oddly I only found a Steam announcement:


From the notes:

  • Fixed induced speed calculation bug with bi propeller engines
  • Fixed the plane crash detection when landing on iced water with crash detection ‘ON’
  • Fixed swapped screens in DA62 TestPilot version
  • Fixed VS Knob Turn not working on the Airbus A320Neo
  • Improved flaps system of aircraft : Aircraft creators can now move the wing wing surface’s position and camber with each flap system at each flap level
  • Improved ground effect wing to ground interaction system to avoid pitch dip at rotation on some aircraft

I’m guessing this is a result of their adjustments to the ground effect.

Well, whatever dip they are talking about, I haven’t experienced it before. Now it feels like flight dynamics are really bad. This isn’t cool.

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On the other hand flap drag on the 787 is now much better and results in much more realistic approach thrust settings with flaps 25 and 30.


Yeah I second that- I was very surprised at how well the 787 performs on approach now.

Yesterday I tried to land with the A320 in EDDH. The plane floats at 125 knt and the nose goes up. It was very hard to land and I need to approaches to land there.


Are you using flight model ->MODERN?

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Same thing here with the A32NX. Can’t even land that, I have to force it to the ground.


Noticed the floating too in the 172.


Most likely due to some fundamental changes each aircraft need to be tuned again. For example, the FBW team already starting to tune their A32NX for the changes. We also see both bad result and good result as someone mention 787 is far better now. From the update note it seems they give aircraft developer more control over the dynamics. Could be the team who wrote aircraft is different between on another at Asobo.


That’s fine and dandy, but my question I guess is… how come this didn’t come up in their testing? No one noticed it?


This was just a world update. The sim update will be available in less than a month.
That said, the 787 is definitely better now.

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