Flaps setting during takeoff

I still haven’t been able to find a solution to this.

After a positive climb I retract the landing gears up and short after pull the throttle back to the CL detent. As soon as I do that the engines goes to idle until the aircraft drops to about 160 AS. Which causes a stall if I don’t put the flap lever back to 0.

If I let the throttle stay at FLX I get the OVERSPEED callout seconds after takeoff.

So I basically have to pull the flaps lever back to 0 right after takeoff and before I pull back to CL.

What causes this exactly? It’s very frustrating.

I know for a fact that flaps are extended literally for several minutes after takeoff.

And another thing just so I don’t have to create another topic.

I still got problems with the payload setting so I manually have to type in the weight of passengers and baggage which majority of time still causes the nose of the aircraft to point up to the sky during cruise.

Can some of you send a screenshot of your payload setting, weight, center of gravity etc.

I would appreciate it. Thanks!

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Your auto throttle should engage when you pull back into the climb detent. Does it?

What are you pitching up to during climb? Keep it around 10-15deg (max).

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The throttle should be pulled back to the climb position at the acceleration setting in perf.
Generally that is around 1500 feet agl. The PFD will be flashing “Throttle Climb” at that time.
If you retract the flaps too early, you will get a stall.

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Well, I don’t know what you mean with „short after….“ the gear up. Maybe that’s far to early.
After takeoff and positive climb rate, gear up, leave the thrust lever where it is, TOGA or FLEX, and set a climb angle of 12.5 degrees.
When you reach a certain altitude which is different from airport to airport, you got a flashing indication at the PFD that it’s time to pull the lever to CL detent.
Bring the Aircraft to a lower climb angle, around 5 degrees and set the lever to CL detent. Airspeed begin to rise and as soon as you reached the S mark at the speedtape, you can set flaps to flight config aka 0.
Forgott something, after setting the thrust lever to CL, Autothrust should kick in.

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It does engage.

And yes. I always keep it somewhere between 10 and 15.

It’s just as if every single flap setting has a speed limiter that prevents the aircraft from gaining its necessary thrust to climb.

Because as soon as I pull the flap lever to 0 the engines go from idle to where it should.

I get the OVERSPEED callout way before the PFD says THROTTLE CLIMB.

It’s weird. Didn’t really have this problem up until I decided to make my own flight plans in the MCDU rather than the world map.

It could be that the weight distribution is of. Like I said, my payload setting doesn’t work at all combined with the fact that I just randomly type the weights in. Which also might be the reason my aircraft got its nose up during cruise.

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Is your auto throttle on?

Overspeed seconds after takeoff is also very strange.

During the takeoff roll V1 and the purple arrow in the speed bar takeoff. Then after 100ft gear up and indeed a 10/15 degree climb. Watch if your autothrottle is on and keep climbing to around 1500ft and the move the handle to Climb Thrust. Green S on the speedbar is flaps up.

What happens when you engage autopilot after a couple 100ft?

Don’t plan your flight with the A320 in the world map, but for instance use Simbrief

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Keep the cube on the PFD centered in the crosshairs from the second you lift off.
That should prevent you from an overspeed.

Yes, the auto throttle does engage.

And it is strange for sure.

I reach the S speed immediately after take off, like 5 seconds after. If I don’t move the flap lever back to 0 I hit the red and black and it calls OVERSPEED.

About the auto pilot. When I activate it, the aircraft banks hard to the opposite direction from the flight plan but corrects itself slowly. Other than that I don’t have an issue with it once the flaps are retracted.

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That’s a problem to. When the flaps are out it tells me to fly with the nose straight horizontal to prevent a stall. When they’re retracted everything goes as planned.

It all about the flaps. Something is off with the settings.

I have the same issue. If I don’t jump right on the flaps and retract them quickly after takeoff, I’m into overspend. I noticed this change after SU8 when the Airbus climb performance was tweeked.

What tells you to do that?

We are talking about the flight director right? The green crosshair on the PFD?

Right. The update kinda messed it up for me too. Especially the payload setting. It doesn’t work at all.

Just can’t really remember whether it was after the update or when I decided to make my flight plans on the MCDU.

I do use Simbrief and make my flight plans using the MCDU.

Definitely happened to me during the update. This latest “mystery” update is causing issues of its own as well.

I was yes.
Is that what is telling you to fly level?

I fly the FBW A320, not the default, so I’m not sure what that FD does.
It should not be telling you to fly that way.
It should be giving you a steep nose up attitude of about 12 to 15 %
If it does not, do that yourself, keep the nose up to whatever degree it takes to keep the speed down to about 160kts.

Exactly. Worst thing about it is that all these problems and bugs never really ends.