Flickering parked cars when increasing road vehicles graphics setting

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Cars flicker when you change the traffic setting from 20 to 100. There may be other ways that this happens, but this is how I can reproduce it. Please see the detailed steps section, below. If you do not follow them exactly, you may not be able to reproduce it.

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Detailed steps to reproduce the issue encountered:

  1. Start Microsoft Flight Simulator.
  2. Before starting a flight, go to Options > General Options > Traffic, and set ROAD VEHICLES to 20:
  3. Go to the World Map and start a flight at YPAD (Adelaide Int’l). (This was reported to happen at KDCA in the comments, below, but not everyone could reproduce it there.) You can choose PARKING 5 – RAMP GA SMALL because that is near the area where the cars are.
  4. Use the drone cam to navigate to the large parking lot near the control tower. It is close by.
  5. Go back to the options and set ROAD VEHICLES to 100.
  6. Look at the cars in the lot.

Expected result: The amount of cars in the lot will increase but no cars will flicker.
Observed result: The amount of cars in the lot increases, but the new ones that are generated as a result of setting to 100 flicker. (See video in screenshot section, above, plus @N316TS 's video in post #12)

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RTX2070 511.79 Drivers

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I don’t know if this will help, it doesn’t have to be an addon in the same area.
Some addons, even some liveries, can cause issues.
I would try with an empty community folder and see if the issue still occurrs.

Hi there,
I went and checked and did not see any flickering cars. I would definitely try what @TheSevenflyer said and empty your Community folder. Or, the next time you end up in Safe Mode, try and go to YPAD and see what happens.

and from a VR user we got this hint … just in case you also “optimize some settings” :

@TheSevenflyer @N316TS @MichaMMA
Thank you all for your input. Haven’t had chance to try yet but I believe you :wink:
No idea what mod would be doing it but I will find it! Not had same problem anywhere else.

Weird thing is on your video the cars are different colours! Mine are mainly red, blue, white, grey and silver. Yours are peach, green and yellow!?

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I haven’t formally looked into this, but I have noticed that traffic can be different from time to time. One time, I saw a bunch of blue cars. The next time, many different colors of cars. If I’m not dreaming it up, I’m glad to see that because it’s nice if the same cars aren’t parked in the same spots every time.

@Baracus250 @N316TS

I can reproduce it now :flushed:

@N316TS I wonder about your video, because I not seen the same amount of cars and I remember I have 90% set in most “ground dense settings” , also these for cars.

Thus I switched “live” to all 100% and wow it seems all “new 10%” cars flickers.

And much funny… I can set cars density back to my former 90% and no flickers, because the same 10% gone.

The other test-case I then done:
If I start the flight direct with 100% car density there is no flicker ( but still locks not exact same as you vid).

have you changed the car ground-dense setting “live” too ?



I will try whether these happens just on other airports if I change the setting “live”. Then it is independ issue of the choosen airport.

Hi Micha,
I have set everything to 100%. My graphics are mostly set to medium, but I have all of these set to 100:

I can also reproduce it at other airports ( e.g. KDCA ).

How to Reproduce:

  • start new flight with a car density of e.g. 20%
  • you will see at e.g. KDCA following pic 1
  • then increase the car density to 100%
    – you see pic 2 and
    — ==> all new cars flicker

It does not happen if you already started the flight with 100% setting, seems then already all is “pre-loaded”. It happens only if you “increase the setting” from the point as you started the flight.

Therefore my question whether @Baracus250 also changed the car density setting “in-flight” / “live”.

pic1 : 20

pic2 : 100 ( all new cars flicker )

Hmm I honestly can’t remember. I think maybe yes I did. You mean the bottom slider for road traffic on Settings > Traffic, right?

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( I allways struggle how its called in english MSFS :slight_smile: )

@N316TS then I think we can change the heading like “flick…” , ähmm… I think you find better words as I :rofl:

I can now reproduce this using MichaMMA’s steps. Do you mind if I edit your bug report?

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Sure feel free!

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Thank you! I’m out for an hour or two. I will do it when I return. I appreciate it! Edit: Turns out I’m not going anywhere for a little bit, so I can edit it now! :+1:

I could not reproduce this at KDCA like Micha, so I will make it about YPAD.


yep, seems the distribution of vehicles is random and so is hard to find a spot with enough vehicles.

Another try is KDTW and this time I also pressed the record button, just to proof its independend of the airport :slight_smile:

May be for intresst:

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Thanks for your time to dig into this. I’ve been tied up with childcare all day! May get a bit of fly time now hehe

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