Flight Instruments Red and Xed out

I had this happen today on a bush flight. Anyone else experience this? I was able to fly and bring it in for a landing but the Garmin was basically unusable. Thank you for any information.

You need to upgrade the G1000 NXi to 0.10.1 which I think just came out this morning.

This is an issue with G1000NXi v0.10.0

Presently the Caravan, DA-62, and PC-6 are unable to start: the PFD will show a number of failed red Xs and be in a persistent AHRS align state.

This was fixed with v0.10.1

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I love this boot up sequence!

I thought I did upgrade to the G1000 NXi to 0.10.1 but I will check. Thanks

That did the trick. I guess it did not get installed the first time I was in Content Manager. I went back and installed it the second time and it installed. Then when I went to fly, it was all back to normal and worked perfectly!

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