Flight Log Not Properly Logging Takeoff and Landings for Add-On aircraft

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No, this pertains to add ons.

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With add-on aircraft, Take-Off and Landings are not properly recording. I always start aircraft from a Cold and dark state. While it records “operational time”, I don’t know if it is actually recording a “True Flight.” I know that mods are not relatively supported but this is also happening for aircraft from the Marketplace. It may affect achievements or progress to achievements.

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  1. Load any add-on aircraft, either from the MSFS store or manually added from 3rd party into a free flight from the World Map.
  1. Fly!
  2. Once your flight has ended, return to the Main menu, go to My Profile and check your Flight Logs.

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Ryzen 5 3600 on a TUF Mobo running X570 chipset paired with a Ventus 2060 12GB GDDR6, 32 GB/RAM. TCA Captain’s Pack Airbus Edition.

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That’s not a new problem. The only reliable way I found to get those to record was to use ATC.
Mi made a post about this, and the various flight stars sometime back.