Flight log not working in MSFS 2020

The flight log of my profile has not registered anything since December 2020, probably after some update.
Any solution?

Wow, that’s been a while. Have you been flying since December 2020?
If so and you don’t have anything logged. Report a Zendesk ticket. And make sure you’re completely online when you fly. Since the log is kept in the cloud in your Microsoft/Xbox account, you need to be completely online for it to log properly.

I’m stuck on 19 hours no matter what i try. Is ther a fix for this???

Do you have developer mode enabled? Flights with dev mode don’t get logged.

Since the last update I have logged just over 7hrs on 4 separate flights (been away regaining currency on A2A aircraft in FSXSE) and, so far, no take offs or landings recorded. Not that I am particularly bothered about that :wink: just adding to the conversation. I am not too bothered because, well, I’m not collecting records or achievements or anything but also because each of the flights has been on the same route to try and identify the cause of fairly frequent, random, brief (4-5 secs) black screen events which I believe are graphics card related. That was another reason for revisiting FSX - where these events did not occur.

I had same problem. I disabled developer mode and it worked again.

:thinking: Hmm - I have never enabled Dev Mode never mind used it. Not nearly clever enough for that. However, I will investigate, thanks.

I somehow lost all flights before early January.

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Thanks, GAZ340

That was the problem. I deactivated the developer mode and voila!!!, solved the problem.

No problem. Happy flying! I’m currently looking for people to add as a friend. New to the multi player, but worth a go. You up the add?

yes i do developer mode

Log book doesn’t record when dev mode is activated.

I wonder why you would leave it on in the first place? I mean, dev mode will have the menu bar at the top, I would feel annoyed by it and disable it outright.

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There is a auto-hide option since a few updates ago…


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