Flight planning/autopilot issues on my first adventure

I’m currently on a long distance trip from the UK to India in the TBM which I have cut down in to 25 legs. By and large I am using the front end flight planning option in the sim to generate low level IFR routes. I am trying to ensure that all legs end preferably with an ILS approach or at least an RNAV approach in order that I can use real world weather. I am currently ten legs in and presently sitting on the parking ramp at Cairo International and have so far experienced the following issues:

  1. On my approach into Biggin Hill (EGKB) I experienced the PFD freeze although this was pre the latest update and I haven’t seen it happen since that hit the sim.

  2. The ILS into Orly (LFPO) appeared to be reversed so I was unable to use it and had to land manually. Unfortunately I didn’t note down which approach I was using.

  3. Landing at Basle Mulhouse (LFSB) I experienced no issues.

  4. Similarly landing at Treviso (LIPH) I experienced no issues.

  5. Beginning to feel confident in the sim now I landed at Pescara (LIBP) in a 20+mph cross wind. No issues.

  6. Spoke too soon. Tirana was next (LATI). The PFD froze on me then ATC stopped talking to me and finally the ILS failed to activate. Landed manually. This was my last experience of the PFD freeze as the last update landed shortly thereafter.

  7. Athens (LGAV). The gods took pity on me and I had no issues.

  8. My first RNAV approach into Crete (LGIR) and aside from it being a little on the low side there were no issues.

  9. Another RNAV approach into Alexandria (HEAX) and it failed. The autopilot failed to lock onto the altitude bug and I ended up landing manually.

  10. A short hop across Cairo to land at Cairo International (HECA) but unfortunately the ILS seemed to be reversed on 23L and I had to land manually.

So here I am negotiating with the local Kitfox dealer to hire one of their aircraft to take a spin around the pyramids and I am reflecting on the story so far. My overriding feeling is one of enjoyment, tinged with a little frustration. Every flight runs smoothly until I arrive to the approach segment with some trepidation. While none of the issues have been terminal it does seem a bit of a lottery whether or not the autopilot can consistently transfer into the approach phase reliably.

As far as the flight planning aspect is concerned I intend to continue to use the front end built into the sim for the remainder of the expedition to Delhi as if nothing else it does seem to mean that the autopilot automatically switches over from the GPS track to the ILS/RNAV meaning that all I need to do is hit APPR when (if) the bug is being captured. My method of planning is to set up departure and arrival airports then hit IFR (low level). I leave it as direct without a transition as none of the flights are long enough to incorporate most of the inbuilt transitions sensibly. I do however specify the runway taking account of the available ILS/RNAV approaches. When I’ve finished my trip I may well refly the problem legs planning my route manually and inputting it in the cockpit as the TBM at least does make that exceedingly easy. If only that were the case with other aircraft. This is the reason why I have got into the habit of pre-loading flight plans as with other aircraft this is a nightmare and so fiddly.

So what do you all feel about my success, or otherwise, so far? Does it accord with your experiences or am I just being unlucky or doing something stupid? Anyway, my next leg is another short hop across to El Arish. It was due to be Gaza but obviously that ain’t happening