Flight Planning — how best to go?

I am planning a short flight from WIMN to WIMB on World Map of the Sim. Distance is about 100nm. I am using the TBM930.

My intention was originally to use IFR (Low-altitude airways).

Upon selecting IFR (Low-altitude airways), the World Map flight planner automatically selected a plan shown in image 1 with only 1 waypoint POMIG. The DEPARTURE option shown is the only practical one from the pull-down menu (I went through each of them in turn to view the path).

With regards to ARRIVALS and APPROACH, the World Map flight planner offered no options other than ‘Direct’ and ‘Automatic’ respectively.

I then tried planning this same route using Simbrief and Skyvector, but both offered no better plans other than straight line paths from Departure to Arrival airports.

Returning to the Sim’s World Map planner, I zoomed in on the arrival airport WIMB and noticed 2 navaids: a VOR/DME (identifier NIS) & an NDB (identifier GI) as shown in image 2. However, I do not know how to utilize these navaids in a useful manner.

Given all the above, I plan to proceed as follows:

  1. Create my own flight plan on World Map by adding custom waypoints of my choice that would seem to be practical and the most direct.

  2. The above would allow me to engage the AP shortly after takeoff, enjoy the scenery, disengage AP when the destination airport runway is sighted, and hand fly the final approach and landing.

My questions are:

  1. Is my above mentioned course of proceeding how you would ordinarily also proceed?

  2. If so, does it matter if I select VFR or IFR in the World Map pull-down menu?

  3. Would any of you use either or both of the available Navaids located at the destination airport, if so, could you please explain how (as though you were teaching a child)?

TIA my fellow pilots.


if me in this flight I start check for first optimal track to destination, no need use that middle out of dct navaid. Check then some min safe altitudes over your expected track, terrain can be dangerous. Really all depends if your airports have some procedures available. Use also DCT with no problem. In case of IFR i recommend use dest airp VOR as some IAF with maybe loose of alt with racetrack to better app altitude or use it as non precision runway direction and distance, also with NDB as other nav. In case of vfr weather at place you can simply cancel ifr and continue vfr to land visually. In case of ifr weather on place and no public arr procedure you need wait for better weather (hold there over vor), divert or set weather to better. Take this proc as simple example, problems with generic atc are expected. I recommended this to your ifr required flight but in case of vfr you can only check weather during flight and fly. Pls keep in mind that many other factors can affect all your flight.

Update: i’ve checked your airports now and wimn has f.ex. ifr capability so you can in case of ifr filled flight use dep procedure to exp dep waypoint. Now I see that wimb isn’t ifr capable so after exp distance/nav you can use my recommended procedure. Yes, I see you require basic help but in case of any flight nothing is easy and some knowledge is required.

In case of summary, I recommend leave your fpl with POMIG dep point and set as arr that VOR/DME at arr airp, this can be ok in my opinion in case of full ifr till destination. No probl with next help.


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Thanks for your comments, appreciate it.

A couple of questions, though:

How do you determine whether an airport is IFR capable? Sorry, I’m still learning …

What do you mean by “f.ex”?

Lastly, so you still suggest I go through POMIG as my departure procedure waypoint (rather than DCT to NIS upon take-off), although POMIG appears to take me on a slight round-about? Is this how it’s properly flown IRL too?

Thanks a lot for your time and attention :blush:


  1. you can try search on web or better at airports webs generally. My step go simply to Navigraph (Jeppesen) database.

  2. sry for my used for - for example :slight_smile:

  3. ifr procedures are designed generally to get airplane safely to/on it’s route (your case with departure),very easy said. Many aspects play role here, terrain and also other restrictions. Therefore some routes are designed for this. Use dep route with correct runway is safe procedure. Simply take it now as is, why I can’t turn left dct to dest. airport nav after departure is another story.

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Thanks a lot.

Still learning a lot :blush:

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No problem,

in case you want to have some really exactly real life procedures/operations questions, I recommend write them to Rico’s appreciated topic or Nijntje, here you can find many experts. I can continue do contributions also, no problem.

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If I could share my flight with Piper Seneca.

Somehow I like your area of flight in Indonesia, nice place. I did this flight under IFR but weather was quite good. I must say that data what I have available as sim nav data are little bit weak, especially for WIMN dep as suggested minimal safe altitude to POMIG but did that with set of 10000ft on QNH 1013 or altimeter 29.92, pressure was like this. Did FPL like WIMN DCT POMIG DCT NIS DCT WIMB and set departure due my wind on departure airport rwy27 as POMIG1B. All set and start my Seneca at eastern APN. My screenshots with some description:

  1. set FPL on WIMN east APN

2.POMIG1B departure, climbing to 10000ft.

  1. Piper Seneca PA34V

  2. approaching POMIG soon

  3. some interesting land at POMIG

  4. direct NIS VOR at WIMB

  5. check some landing checklists at Seneca’s tablet

  6. weather at WIMB looks good, cancel IFR and continue visually direct airport, here you can see that from chart is recommended min safe altitude 2500ft at local QNH/altimeter pressure so started descent after that check of weather is ok.

  7. after join downwind rwy27 now final rwy27 for land

  8. little back track to vacate runway, turning left

  9. Piper Seneca at stand/parking

Hope you enjoy my pictures and good luck with your flight at very nice place you’ve shared.


I didn’t quite catch this … do you mean Rico and Nijntje as experts in this MSFS forum? :thinking:

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Thanks for sharing your pics and flight from WIMN to WIMB. Great to know you also like this area. I’m currently on a tour of SE Asia and WIMN to WIMB will be my 15th leg on this tour (my first tour since getting the sim). You can follow my journey so far on IG : jetstreamx13.

You mentioned 2500 ft safe altitude which you obtained from the chart. Which chart did you use? —is it from a paid subscription like Jeppesen?

I’m still flying very casually and not quite following procedures or checklists for that matter. So although I go with live weather, I don’t use ATC, nor have I ever looked at ‘canceling IFR’ (not that i would know how to do that anyway! :joy:).

Just curious, did you set your own cruise altitude or did you just go with that set by the sim when planning your flight using World Map in the sim.

Also, did your commencement of descent start at the point in the sim flight plan?

I suppose you would be to 2500ft at about 10nm from the runway.

Nice to see your report,

yes, RicoVanDijk (sry if mismatch his nick), Nintje91 and many other real life experienced pilots can give more. To questions:

Yes, min safe altitude in this case I set from Jeppesen (Navigraph) to published route (low level) which is there. It cover simply some arrival also because ends at NIS VOR, it started little bit N from other navaid/fix but in this case is useful here. I just decided in close of arrive to NIS VOR that weather is ok and therefore started descend visually (aka cancel IFR without atc, simply start that procedure). Great now you don’t use generic atc, it’s not ok I think, just think about steps, procedures and all will be ok. As I said before, with no full infos about departure procedure and it’s requested min altitude at POMIG, I decided to my aircraft performence climbing quickly and reach my expected altitude there what can be safe, due terrain around POMIG. Here you need in case of no infos check the maps. Let it be as is, with no presented altitude to reach POMIG safely, you need in this case do your set, safely. I set 10000ft at local QNH/altimeter what can be ok. With start of descent inbound WIMB it’s simply about destination to navaid/airport and of course weather. If weather is bad (ifr) then as I said my recommendations previously. In this case I decided due my aircraft performence start descent to be ok over airport and have enough pattern altitude to see, mostly 500ft over terrain/AGL or more, due airport requirements, pilot experience. To last sentence, yes, I expect till navaid NIS to be still at safe altitude (minimum 2500ft on local qnh/altimeter pressure). Your ifr procedure (take we this flight as very simple ifr flight) is still stay on filled route and if you are close enough last arr navaid and weather is ok then you only can cancel ifr and start your steps as flight under visual rules. In this case you can start descend and do typical steps to overfly airport to see wind sock or if you have enough weather infos you can step directly to pattern. You need pay attention to have at important areas (departure/arrival/enroute,…) expected pressure set - QNH or altimeter due local country rules/habit. I think you still will be fly on not higher altitudes than 15000ft what we can simply set as on local pressure altitude, you need have at that areas info about correct pressure or do trick with key ‘B’ which set that pressure to your altimeter gauge. Hope something new but hope good for you :wink:

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Hi there, I just wanted to mention quickly IFR flight planning on XBox is currently broken in a lot of cases since SU9. If you are running into issues where the drop downs only show “automatic” and don’t give arrival approaches or runway selection it could be related.

See our thread here for details: Missing Navigational Data

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Thanks for sharing. Definitely helpful in gaining a deeper understanding of how others manage these routes :blush:

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I thought that may be the case but wasn’t too sure. Thanks for mentioning it. Not sure if the recent patch fixed it though …

No prob at all happy to help. FWIW I first noticed this too with exactly what you mentioned, the missing runways/approaches in the drop down. This kind of led me down the rabbit hole. We have some visibility on the issue now so hopefully we can get it fixed.


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