Flight Training on xbox

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I’m finding myself stuck doing certain flight training. The objectives initially took ages to recognise I’d done them (basic handling > introduction and aircraft essentials) and now I’ve reached a point in attitude training where after going back into cruise attitude from climbing, it just doesn’t give me any next objectives! Eventually just leaving the training area and failing… So I skipped it and moved onto the turns (roll) training. This one however after successfully turning left then also offers no further objective to complete! At this point I’ve stopped because quite frankly I’m very new and I want to go through them all before I tackle to much!

I’ve tried quitting the game properly, restarting each training, rebooting the Xbox but still I never get that next objective.

Am I doing something obviously wrong or is it a known issue?

I’m on Xbox series X and using a controller (official Xbox one)


I’m having the exact same issue.

Running on the Xbox Series X - fully updated.

The flight training modules just don’t work. The best way I can describe the issue is that the objectives are getting stuck.

In the “Turns (Roll)” training I can complete the left turn (objective turns green) then no further objective is given. So I have to exit out.

In the “Power Settings” training the trainer starts of saying “let’s talk about throttle” and that is all that happens. No further objectives or instruction.

Sometimes you can “unstick” things by hitting the menu button to pause, then going back into the training. But that doesn’t always work.

Unfortunately the game is almost unplayable in this format as a new simmer I was going to heavily rely on those training missions to get me on my way.

Any help is gratefully received.

I haven’t raised a support ticket yet. But will do that also.

Edit - Support ticket raised #112737


Thought I’d come back here & post a fix.

Turns out that going into settings on the Series X and doing a proper “restart” helps the issue. It’s still not perfect for me. But considerably better than it was. I can actually do the training exercises now.


I joined here just to say that I’m experiencing these same exact issues down to the examples above like where she says 'Let’s talk about the throttle" then stops. It takes 1-2 minutes for her to start the next line. The only work around I found was pausing/unpausing repeatedly but even then that wasn’t consistently a fix that works. I kept leaving the airpsace and failing the lesson on this test because she wasn’t keeping up and/or triggering the next thing to do.

This fixed it for me!

Thank you very much!

Restarting the xbox fully seems to have fixed it for me too!


fixed it for me too, thanks a lot

@DargeyBoy You sir, are a legend. Fixed it for me, too!

This solved my issue also! :slight_smile:

For those who not sure how to do a fully restart of your xbox. Just press the xbox-button and choose “restart” .

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I have a problema with learning session. During taxing there s no Blue Arrow to lead the Road. I can t complete the training. How can i fix?

Xbox seriex x platform
Id Xbox : Il Pellegrino

Unfortunately restart doesnt help for me, what can I do more ?