Flight #

I just had a my first flight after the SU5. Everything was just great par some minor issues. This is one I have not been able to solve.

I had a flight with the Flybe livery of the King Air. I set a fictional flight number 5547.

After that flight (in Scotland) I wanted to have a shorter flight somewhere with a sun. I went to Gabon with a XCub. I set a fictional registration with no call sign nor flight number. But ATC called me 5547 ignoring my registration.

How do I get rid of the flight number of the previous flight ? And there was no call sign and no flight number on the aircraft menu when I started my second flight!

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Try this fix:

Highlight the tail number section, you’ll see an option on the bottom left to del. Click delete on your keyboard. Nothing will happen but this will clear the registration.

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