FlightSimulator.exe - Application Error (0x80000003) - A breakpoint has been reached

I really have no idea about this error. This is the first I’ve seen it. Not doing anything out of the ordinary, a 2.5 hr flight in 737-800 from EPKK to EIDW, 2/3 way in and FS freeze and pop up which I couldn’t see with this error on it. The sim is very unreliable for me for long flights. Anything <2hrs is always fine so I may have to stick with that. I’m running SU9 and haven’t been on SU10 beta so can’t blame it for anything.
I may try a disk analysis to see if there are any issues, but my system is largely up to date with everything (Win 11). It could be a windows issue rather than a sim specific one as I see other refs online to this type of error occasioanlly with other windows apps.

TRY the Microsoft tools:
Use the System File Checker tool to repair missing or corrupted system files

It may not be the answer to your issues, but if it does find any corrupted or missing files, and automatically fixes them, you “MAY” be one step closer to a stable PC.


Worked for me – found a few corrupted Windows system files, automatically fixed them, and now I have not had one CTD in over 3 months !!!

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Thanks will give it a go. The PC was new in Jan this year and just runs FS so not sure how windows gets corrupted, but will certainly give it a go. I had a few CTDs last week, an one longer flight with the ntdll.dll issue that people had seen last weekend. Not many before that though.

Very easily, even after a complete Re-Install of Windows.
I check mine once a week, and every so often, it finds a correctable error !!

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Not all. I’m on Windows 11.

Umm… I made that reply on Dec 12 2020. Windows 11 wasn’t released until October 15 2021. So at the time, we were all on Windows 10.

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Sorry mate. Didn’t notice the date. :slight_smile:

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This error isn’t much different than an access violation in this context. A bad address for a jmp instruction leads to memory that happens to contain 0xCC (int3 / breakpoint instruction).

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Since SU10 and Windows 2H22 I have now had 4 instances of The Exception Breakpoint causing CTDs. 0x800000003. Never had this error before. Most of the conversation in the thread isnt recent so I am not sure if its relevant. Any ideas on resolving?

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Hi, since the latest update I have had two CTDs:

Application pop-up: FlightSimulator.exe - Application Error : The exception Breakpoint
A breakpoint has been reached.
(0x80000003) occurred in the application at location 0x00007FF6BCBC0682.

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I’ve had this twice also. Seems to happen when I’m on main menu and leave the room for some time. Came back and one time it’s just on desktop (app crashed). Other time main menu had windows popup over the top with this message, click OK and instantly goes to desktop.

Yes, saw it a few days ago. Unfortunately, no help but thanks for the effort.

Well cannot start FS2002 anymore get this error every single time, removed all community stuff, removed logitech flight stuff, removed bravollights stuff, click repair in the ms installed apps, clicked reset in ms installed apps, next options is to remove it and reinstall all 300+GB which will take a few days even with my 1.2gbit line!!! Not COOL!

Ok going to try this before i reinstall the 300+GB