Flora Layer not aligned

Hi All, anyone else notice the elevated flora layer, after doing some random field landings I noticed this is happening most of the time, wonder if it’s also related to render scaling as with the lights issue. I run on 140 render scaling, tested on 100 RS and same issue. Really weird, haven’t seen this before, will submit a bug report now, just thought I’d see if anyone has the same issue.

If you change render scaling settings, make sure you shut down and restart the simulator to ensure those settings are applied. If you haven’t tried that yet, give it a go.

Render scaling has always been hit or miss with changes in the same gaming session, and sim restarts after changing render scaling settings are just as important as restarting after an update or adding items to the community folder. I personally do a full system restart any time I make a file system change like an update or addon.

I suspect the setting for render scaling is fetched on startup, and might be the reason you are not seeing a change.

If the restart doesn’t fix what you are seeing, contacting the devs may be the right next move.

It might also be worth deleting your rolling cache if you have not already done so.

3D features not aligned with the ground seems a “common” issue in other contexts as well.

Some are permanent and others are more random.
See for example …

or …

Thanks for the much appreciated assistance :wink: I have tried different render scaling options and it made no difference. What did work was removing the custom Austria DEM 10m that I downloaded yesterday from the flightsim.to content website.

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