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Just come across this thread - here’s another bridge I found on north coast of Sicily… What did you do in MFS today? - #1465 by PipsPriller

Sicily has plenty of them to try out.

I’ll have to try the MSFS version of the Tsing Ma Bridge in Hong Kong, just east of the airport.

I may know from experience that you can fit a 777 under it …:shushing_face:

A general rule seems to be that is traffic is driving across it you can, but if it’s going under the bridge you can’t.

Don’t seem to get Federation Bridge (Canada, POI) under control… crash into water on the other side, also when I’m going up. Tested several times with 103 and pipistrel

Found one ! Nice looking bridge, very easy to fly under :smiley_cat:

Norway, vicinity of ENBR Flesland coords 60.426581, 5.532217

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Confirmed, and thanks ArcanePython931. From the coordinates, it looks like you found Osteroy Bridge. When flying there to try it today, I couldn’t help but think of the similarities between it and Fremont Bridge (which is mentioned earlier in this thread). Neither of them are POIs on the flight planning map, both are actually suspension bridges in real life, but both appear in the game as “flat” bridges (no towers above the deck of the bridge nor suspension cables are shown). Coincidence? Or maybe a pattern for the under / through enthusiast to be aware of?

I’ve been doing a lot of other things in game lately, but have noticed that responses to this thread have circled back to discussing bridges almost exclusively. People can try anything they want, but again I’ll caution folks that on average bridges are pretty frustrating. So to help inspire others to think of non-bridge structures to try, here are some of the results I’ve found recently:

LAX “Spider” Control Tower - One can actually make it through this structure on occasion, but I’m convinced that it is the result of lag rather than an actual hole in the structure. Most of the time, I crashed into an object. And even when I made it through, there was a frame or two where it looked like I was flying through an office interior instead of open space. Not added to the official list.

The London Eye - When I thought of this one, I got a bit excited. When tested, I was able to consistently fly through it. However, again, I think this is the result of lag, as some times there was a frame or two where the spokes of the wheel appeared inside my cockpit. Haha…still, this one was too much fun, and if the game can consistently deny my ability to fly under a bridge that I should be able to fly under I’ll take this one that I obviously shouldn’t be able to fly through as compensation, as the thinness of the structure makes the stunt consistently successful. Added to the official list. (Note - the wheel in Las Vegas doesn’t show up properly, at least in my game).

The last one is something I’m actually patting myself of the back for. I’m sure that the majority of people in this game have flown right over them (yes, I said them … this is a triple!!) many times without a second thought. In reality, there are guy-wires holding the structures up which would deny one the ability to fly under them, and I think you can see some of them in the game. And admittedly, this is a type of bridge (trestle). But hey - it’s a triple, easy to find, and easy to fly. Plus, the structure type is so common that there may be many, many examples of these in the game. Enough suspense - Simply go to SEATAC (KSEA), fly to the north end of the runways, and you’ll find three trestle bridges supporting the approach lights for runways 16R, 16C, and 16L. Definitely added to the official list !

Enjoy, and if you find a structure that you can consistently fly under / through, please let everyone know by adding it to this thread.

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KJFK, right side of RW31

It could be one of the AI templates. You’ll find it anywhere, wherever AI will decide it is appropriate… but that sais nothing about flyable or not. I tested this in the SDK, by putting an AI template bridge (Oakland Bay Bridge) in a field somewhere… and see if I could take off under it… no problem… :grin:

… but you’ll crash, if you try fly under the MSFS scenery Oakland Bridge located in San Francisco !

You call it a pattern… some kind of easter egg for us, but I suspect this is a terrain thing…

Here’s another one that seems to work, but it is quite difficult, Richmond San Rafael, also San Francisco

I ran across a couple more today, and either I’m getting so old that I’m imagining things, I may have missed a note in an update, or the game snuck some POIs into Singapore that weren’t previously there. I could swear I remember flying through there weeks ago looking for the skyscraper and not finding it. I even remember searching through Google Maps to make sure I had the right location and noticing that there was an observation wheel nearby which (unfortunately) was also missing in the game.

Who knows, it could be my overworked graphics card simply hadn’t loaded the area’s landmarks properly when I was there previously. Or maybe it was one of those nights where I was Bravo’ing a little too much of that Whiskey…I dunno.

Regardless, today I was able to successfully fly through both of these Singapore POI’s (nearest airport = WSAP):

Marina Bay Sands Singapore

Singapore Flyer (with, of course, the same qualifiers as previously discussed for the London Eye)

Finally, found one in the Nordic update, this looks like handcrafted…

C172 - Southern Norway, vicinity of ENCN, if you take off you see it on the left straight ahead,

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I flew through the Arc with the H135 awhile back. Deleted my post to edit, now I can’t figure out how to post the video again. I can only post the Youtube URL, not the picture with the Play button as before. :confounded:

Tower Bridge

Ahaaaa that’s news !! do you fly without Crash Damage Assistent ? (gonna try right away :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: )

Can’t confirm, alas…

and with damage assistant on, this happened… seem to fly into an invisible wall of some kind,

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Panamar Bridge over the canal - Panama end.

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If I get a little low or high I still hit a glass wall however I was in dev mode so probably anti crash. I use it as a quick way to turn off clouds etc. in populated areas.

SDK is the same effect. When I put damage assistent off, I hit something hard… can’t fly through, maybe you were very lucky, or your airspeed was much faster ? You fly a Pitts ?

The effect varies when you can’t fly through it. There are bridges that allow you to fly under, but it just switches off the engine permanently (eg Oakland). Most times a bridge that does not alow it will give a black screen “crash in the water”.

I think I try to fly the Pitts or rather it flys me … twitchy as hell but fun and easy on the system.

However I totally love the Top Rudder 103 and lately the flying Dinghy, I only just wish I had VR.

First time I tried Tower Bridge was last year November. In this case I took the lower pass, really under the road… in a C152 something strange happens with damage off… it stopped my aircraft mid air :grin: