Flybywire A320 TCAS not showing anything

I have installed latest dev version of it and it doesn’t show any traffic even tcas and TP is on. Is it disabled?

seems to be hit or miss for me lately. Not sure it it the mod or the sim given the recent update.

Mine has been showing traffic and it’s been quite pleasing to see so much crossing traffic on route.

I’m on experimental and it runs great.

Seems a bit random whether it shows traffic on the ND.
I’ve even had TCAS alerts with no traffic shown on the ND.
(I use live online traffic.)

It is a bit random, I think you have to be at 40nm or less on ND range to see traffic.

When it does work, with TA/RA on, it will actively change flight level to avoid traffic.

It only works for gen traffic not other multiplayer users though

I’ve noticed your issue seem similar to the thread below, maybe you would like to check it out for further information on your issue.

If you like you can ask a mod to merge the two threads.

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Pretty much the same problem - just the diffrence with FSLTL.

It seems that the TCAS generally works, just not with FSLTL (at least not the way it should). How do I get a hold of an Admin? Just to see if they think we should merge or not :slight_smile:

Moderators are not admins, but we can merge, too. You can send a direct message to @moderators any time. (I only happened to read this post, but it could have just as easily been missed. So direct message is always the best way to go.)

With this new forum setup, we are trying to do a little less moderation in Community Support. However, I will be happy to merge this if the OP wants me to.

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