FlyByWire community mod A320

Hello ASOBO!

As you correctly mentioned: The community is what makes flight simming great!

So, could you please work together with the guys from FlyByWire who are working on a mod to improve the default A320?

It looks like an ambitious project. This would be a way to show your commitment to the community!

Thanks for listening. :slight_smile:

plshelp them theu are the best 3rd party right now


Yes, please do. Although if you could mention them in one of your updates, that would be the best option - I don’t think you’d need to help them over fixing big bugs, but acknowledging them would be awesome!


Give em the model


Yeah, this is the best addon.


i hope people can enjoy this amazing game with a great study level aircraft at a fair price, luckily this project is free for us, please support them so we can grow the community and let everyone know that there are amazing alternatives than paying


YES! This was a fantastic mod until this broken patch steamrolled a ton of mess into the sim. Projects like this by the community MAKE simulators. They’re exceptionally important. Work with them please Asobo/MS!


Please give them the files so they can really get to work on this project we all are so invested in !


Help them out!


pls asobo do it they deserve more support


Problem is even if you are willing to pay, are you getting it? How many study level aircraft (GA or airliners) are ready to be sold to MSFS customers right now? Exactly zero. I don’t care about freeware or payware. Just give me anything study-level. Even if it’s a cessna 172, make it A2A (study level with wear and tear, persistence etc) level and I’ll pay. Heck even if this mod is freeware, I’ll personally send cash to the devs in the form of donations. If Microsoft wants me to pay them a percentage of that donation, I will do so. Just give me something study level. I don’t care if it’s a cockroach or an aircraft, give me something.


This project is the definition of community. It’s a hard working group of programmers, IRL pilots, Airbus engineers and avid flight sim enthusiasts who are all working above and beyond voluntarily for free. Furthermore they are an incredibly welcomming and patient team who really want to see the A320 in MSFS succeed and become the standard that the community are looking for. No one wants to see MSFS2020 fail and these guys have already put many, many, many hours into this project and deserve recognition. A “community” works together for the same end goal and if Asobo and Microsoft consider themselves part of this community they should give this project the support and encouragement they need.


As an alpha tester from the tech alpha, and someone who has been a part of this flight simulator community for a while, it would be more than amazing if Asobo could team up with this team to make this project expand and grow further. I fully support this!


Yes Asobo please support this project. Thanks and respect.



I agree with that totally! This guys are doing an amazing work! So proud of this community!

Support them, Asobo! Please!


yes asbo you said that you are doing this for the community and up-to now you have ignored the little man. a320nx project is one of the best things that has happed to the sim. your a320 is awful and this mod relay makes it shine. this project has been limited due to the fact thy cant do much more without the files for the a320. by this point if you don’t know about the project then you are living under a rock. if you do know about it then you have also ignored all communication attempts made by this fantastic community


Well I voted yay (positive, in agreement with the OP), but Microsoft, Asobo and everyone else need to keep in mind the economic side of things as well. If this modded A320 aircraft works and behaves even half as good as the Aerosoft non-study-level A320, many people won’t buy the Aerosoft one.

Why does it matter you ask?

Because Aerosoft is an official partner of Microsoft, and they even helped (and probably still are) Microsoft make parts of the current SDK.

If Aerosoft can’t sell their airbus (or loses money) because of this freeware mod, they will get “word I’m not allowed to say here”, and the end result might not be conducive to the current healthy flight sim third party ecosystem.

Keep in mind also that FSlabs said they have several NDAs in place, which means they are also developing something for MSFS but can’t say anything about it at the moment.

It’s definitely an interesting time, and a difficult game of balancing the scale for MS/Asobo.

No we shouldn’t. Also, I never said we shouldn’t.


Anything will help so if we could get the files so we can work to make the Sim Greater and Better for the community that would probably be a +1 from everyone from the community and help you guys out with one less problem to solve.

Things like this help communities grow and grow, plus the extra support we would get would be astronomical and would have to keep pestering yourselves for fixes to it all the time.

We would get an excellent experience if we could all work together and make the Sim the BEST in the world and blow others out of the water.

So please please please share :slight_smile:


Please Asobo, we need this badly. It has many positives and no cons!

Would be very helpful, if the community leader will HRT in touch with the A32NX Community!