Flying in places based on bing wallpaper

I really love going to places that appeal to me from the bing wallpaper of the day I see. These pictures are almost always so beautiful and flying over them in the sim and seeing the similarities is great fun. Today is a view from the ocean of a mountain on an island east of Madagascar. It’s the island of Mauritius. Great scenery in the sim!


Would be awesome to see some comparison screenshots in #flying:user-screenshot-gallery !

There was a large post with exactly this - flying to places featured in the bing picture of the day. Give me a minute, I’ll try to find the original thread…


Ok found them. Here’s a post I did trying to remember where a castle was that I saw on Bing spotlight:

As part of that conversation folks directed me to the follo0wing thread:

Happy hunting - this is great fun! I have jotted down a few more places from Bing spotlight that I’d like to visit (but haven’t yet):
Lake Lugano (Switzerland)
Lungern (Switzerland)
Miyako island / bridge (Japan)

I just jot down a note when a great screenshot comes up…need to start doing that again.

Hope this helps!


Very cool! Your castle would look great when seasons get implemented…and if it ever becomes a castle! :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks so much for that! I figured it was definitely something lots of people probably do. I like how people are showing comparison screenshots. I need to do that myself. I know some days you jump in the sim and rack your brain thinking of where you want to fly. Gives you some options anyway. And I installed the bing wallpaper app so I can jump around looking through them. Plus the info of where they are is there and my favorite way to find them is to look at the bing or Google map’s location and going there in the sim that way.

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