"Flying music"

Hey, all!

So, I’m curious. What do you all consider your “flying music”? But, I’m not necessarily talking about what you listen to when flying.

I grew up listening to alot of classical (Chopin, Schubert, Tchaikovsky, etc) as I grew older, i became obsessed with film scores and videogame music, like The Elder Scrolls IV & V, Battlefield, Halo and even Minecraft.

My all time favorite is artist is John Williams (JurassicPark, Star Wars). End of story. No contest. Don’t @ me.

But, in certain regards, there’s always a specific “sound” when it comes to flying. I know everyone and their dog blasts “Danger Zone” from Top Gun when flying an F-18.

But, the best example of this “sound” is for instance, at Disneyland, the attraction “Soaring”, where you’re literally on a simulator “flight” over certain parts of the world (or California, depending on Disneyland or Disney World) composed by Jerry Goldsmith, whom also composed the score for “Air Force One”.

It always comes down very soft strings, brass and wind. Even the actual music from the Sim itself is a stellar example (which I’m still waiting on an official soundtrack release + plus the music from the reveal trailer and the trailers that have come out for the sim/world updates…Microsoft :face_with_monocle:.

Anyway, nerd rant over. What sort of triumphant, uplifting and inspirational music do you consider “flight” worthy?


Ideal when using this scenario and flying deliveries of coconut milk to the natives with a Carenado Seneca:

You could just run the badger badger badger song on a loop

As a dad, when I don’t hear constant footsteps booming around over my head after bedtime is music to my ears for flying.

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Rather than repeat a thread…


Those are my thoughts anyway.

Maybe this :wink:


Some nice choices there.

It depends on what I’m flying, how I’m flying and what sort of mood I’m in.

Usually I’ll throw on some older instrumental albums. I’m a big fan of Paul Mauriat, he did a lot of covers in the 60s/70s/80s of everything from classical music to chansons to pop music. I tend to avoid soundtracks for games and movies as they usually invoke a feeling of nostalgia for said product and I sometimes find that distracting.

Lots of synthy stuff, too. Ray Lynch, Jean-Michel Jarre, Vangelis, Keith Emerson, Rick Wakeman are some of my favorites.

I listen to pretty much anything from outlaw country to gangster rap to classical so I just try to find songs that invoke a feeling of “flight” (I don’t know how to define that) and throw them on a playlist, then just remove whatever I feel doesn’t fit over time.

During yesterday’s community flight @SeedyL3205 and @Jummivana said they had a Spotify list with music “connected” to flying (theme, name etc), not sure if it was shared on discord?

Hi Maelmoor,

Here’s a link to the Spotify playlist. I’m going to make the same playlist in YouTube too for people who prefer that service for music.


The engine hum is my flying music.

Being a Composer myself I pause listening to Music when I fly, and when I stop flying I listen to (almost) everything you mentioned or compose my own pieces.
I also like Gaming Music (HZD) because a colleague and friend of mine (Julie Elven) sang the Main Theme.

Off Topic: I’m looking forward to the “Two Steps From Hell :love_you_gesture:” concert in Amsterdam. I assume you also know them.

While I probably only have music going a fraction of the time when I’m simming (probably because in real life flying I had to concentrate on listening to the ATC to not miss a radio call, etc.), when I do, some of tracks of the Jurassic Park original score are among my favorites also, particularly “Theme from Jurassic Park,” “Journey to the Island,” and “Welcome to Jurassic Park.” (I was basically playing them in a looping playlist when I did the Nevada Bush Trip.)

I first heard the score to that movie somewhat before I had seen the film itself (was carpooling to a school academic competition with some friends, and the guy driving was playing it on the sound system), so my brain had a chance to interpret the music independently of being locked into the way it is used in the specific scenes in the movie.

“Theme from Jurassic Park” (which IIRC isn’t actually used in that form in the film) in my mind captures pretty well something about the feeling of takeoff at sunrise.

Over time from listening to “Journey to the Island” who knows how many times, I’ve kind of built in my head this sort of detailed flying scene choreographed to the track that I kind of want to make a machinima video of, now that MSFS 2020 provides a platform that looks realistic enough that I might be able to capture it. I’ll have to figure out how to use the replay tools and what not first, though…

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I covered the Theme From Jurassic Park using Cubase. A great challenge because of the complexity of the Theme. But John Williams is of course one of the greatest Composers. Your welcome to listen to my version here.

“The Aviator” by Helen Jane Long. Yes! I’ve got that one on my phone! :heart:

Yup. TSFH. I’ve also got a 72 tracks long playlist of my favorites from them!

“Into The West”, “Fire Mountain”, “Run Free”…absolute bangers.

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Absolutely csnnot go wrong with Jurassic Park. Actually, think I might take a pass over the filming locations in the sim soon.

Hummel’s Trumpet Concerto in E Flat is a favorite, mostly because I learned and played it many years ago. Haydn’s Concerto in E Flat is a favorite as well as I learned and played that too. Barber’s Adagio for Strings is another great one to fly to. It all depends on mood.

Fly safe!

The Clouds are spectacular in this lovely Vid and it’s often our background music for a high altitude Flight.

I always liked to fly to songs from the Vietnam war era (60s, 70s.), so if I listen to music while flying, I put on this playlist:

I mean … come on!

Bach, Pink Floyd and Grieg this weekend