Flying over London used 130+ mbps bandwidth

I have 150 mbps connection. I have never ever seen MSFS use over 50 mbps, which usually happens when flying over a PG city. So I was a little shocked flying over London when I got a pop up message saying “not enough bandwidth. turn off photogrammetry?” Never seen this before so I checked my bandwidth usage and MSFS was hitting up to 130 mbps.

What’s going on here? This is well above MS recommended bandwidth of 50 mbps.

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it’s called future proofing

Something’s amiss, because I have incredibly fast fiber Internet, have NEVER had this issue in all my 800 hours of flying this thing, and now I got that on loading at EGKK. I’m having no issues on my Internet connection currently.

How did you measure the bandwidth used?

Task manager.

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Did this happen to you yesterday as well?

I’ve had the Bandwidth Limit message several times in the last couple of weeks.
Thought it might have been due to throttling by Comcast re snow/Ice, East Coast USA.

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Chilling out on my 8Mbps down DSL, I get that message nearly every time I load a flight.

I just ignore it, works just fine. Only in places like NYC do I have visible problems with bandwidth, otherwise places like LAX, SBA, SEA, PDX, SFO, SAN, it’s just fine

Oh my, 8mb Download on DSL. I remember having DSL about 2 decades ago. I could only get about 6mb dl. As soon as cable was available on my road, I dropped my DSL and my ridiculously priced home home. Now I am happy as a lark with super speedy cable and somewhat fast cell service. If you are not able to get better internet service, maybe consider StarLink. $500.00 for equipment, 100 per month and u can have 100mb or better DL. Not sure what you will get with Ping and Jitter but probably MUCH MUCH better than u have now.

Yeah, I have mixed feelings about Starlink. I live pretty deep in the woods, so Starlink probably isn’t an option, and since it’s satellite, it’s also weather dependent.

On one hand, The faster transfer speeds of Satellite are enticing, but personally I don’t like the idea of thousands of satellites spinning around the globe. I wouldn’t be surprised if in our lifetimes an accident will happen that’s going to nullify space exploration because of how much debris is flying around at Mach 30.

Also, my ping on DSL is actually super good. I play alot of FPS’s online, and my ping is generally around 15-80, that would be impossible on Satellite.

London is a lot of data, 3x the density of other PG areas. 130 mbps is right on the money of what I expect in the middle of London.

It all depends on your LOD settings, altitude and speed what data speed you need.

I had that same error message pop-up whilst flying over London today too. It was fine last weekend but today virtually all of the buildings were missing (apart from the hand modelled ones like the Eye and Westminster).

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