FlyingIron P-38L Lightning for MSFS

I got excited when I saw this! :slight_smile:

FlyingIron P-38L

Discuss :+1:


Very excited. Been waiting for this.

OMG !!! It’s beautiful ! I’ll buy it for sure :slight_smile:

Definitely for me. Do we get a discount if we own the X plane version:)

Fantastic. Definitely have my eye on this one.

I have far too many planes already but I absolutely love the look of this so probably will get assuming around same price as their awesome spitfire

One of my favorite planes, will definitely keep an eye on!!

Can’t wait for this. Their engine management in the Spit is the best in the sim as far as I’m concerned.

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Love the look, but if this is supposed to be an “L” model, the Yippee paint doesn’t fit. That one was #5000 off the line and was a “J” model. Either way, I’ll probably get this. I had just about every model David Copley made for FS9, including the “donationware” Glacier Girl with more details and slightly more difficult flight model.

I was confused that they hadn’t announced this because I could’ve sworn I’ve seen streamers using it the past week or so

good news :slight_smile:

but high temperatures at high alt and low pressure, it’s looks like depending of throttle position but not power, but from low to mid alt it’s so nice, from high level it’s have some limitation of prop/throttle positions, you can have absolutely normal temp, but just a little push limit and temperatures grows up significantly, like someone turned on gas welding inside the engine… any way corsair spitfire bell47 and from 31 august gee bee it’s almost all i flight in the simulator, actually from 31 i didn’t flight anything except that’s 4 horse of apocalypse :slight_smile:

The P-38 by FlyingIron Simulations will soon be arriving. The finished product will be really good based on what I’ve seen so far. In the meantime, here is a quick preview I put together today. (1) P-38 Lightning Preview - Flying Iron Simulations - Microsoft Flight Simulator - YouTube


This thing looks incredible. Hopefully it’s out soon! Thanks for the preview!

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Looking forward to this. Looks very promising.

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Yeah looking good. I also think it was a great move to get this and the spitfire kitted out with a selectable GPS. It makes sense in the modern airspaces and touring so much more enjoyable. This is the least intrusive option I believe. One does not need a gun sight in VATSIM. And the rest of the panel can stay largely intact…


Yes, I know it’s not really authentic but I think it is a great move too.


Well maybe not authentic in its time line, but you will find a lot of warbirds have modernized avionics nowadays. It is just a safety and regulations question.

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Well the sim does not have 1940’s scenery as an option either nor does it have the 40’s AM radio stations playing Benny Goodman and Glenn Miller you would have tuned with a directional antennae and used to navigate back then.

An optional GPS is a good thing.

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Yes that’s right and, as I said, I think it was a great move by Flying Iron Simulations.

Just as a point of interest though Just Flight do sell Romantic Wings (WW2 scenery).

There is also a web site which provides a bucket load of WW2 audio clips and music (Glen Miller, Vera Lynn etc) so a WW2 immersive experience can actually be experienced in FS2020.

I used this website for a bit and the Romantic Wings scenery when I first got the Corsair from Milviz. It made a pleasant change for a bit from the current era stuff :slightly_smiling_face: