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FlyInside Inc

Hello fellow simmers.

FlyInside, the company that brought VR into the world of Flight Simulation with their FlyInside VR plugin for FSX in 2015 and realistic helicopters into Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 with their ground breaking Bell 47 add-on is proud to announce another extended-realism Helicopter for MSFS2020: the Iconic Bell 206 Jet Ranger. Long a staple in many versions of the Microsoft Flight Simulator universe, it was conspicuously left out of current releases. We’ve fixed that. It’s back!

With 4K textures, realistic materials, over 100 real life recorded sounds, full lighting support (Night Flights!) and highly detailed model. And a spot on Flight Modeling system designed to replicate the classic B206 flight dynamics for extended realism. It’s the latest from the folks at FlyInside.

After the Piston Engine powered Bell 47G2 this logical follow on has smooth Turbine Power from its Allison 250-C20B engine. All engine parameters are modeled. Even the finicky Allison startup procedure. Make a mistake and you can “Hot Start” it costing hundreds of thousands of dollars in inspection and repair costs. Thankfully, we’ve thoughtfully added a “RESET” button to save you some cash!
All sounds were recorded in a real 206. Doors, latches, pumps, you name it… it’s there. Just do a start up and you’ll be hooked. Nothing quite sounds like a 206 starting up!

Inside, all switches, all buttons, and circuit breakers work and do what they are supposed to! A GPS, 2 Comm and 2 NAV radios with separate indicators allow for realistic Navigation. We’ve even given you a clock with stopwatch for timing engine cool-downs.
Full Night lighting package. Nav Lights, Strobes, Beacons, interior lights, gauge backlights all working as they should. Even the dimmers. Flip on the Landing and/or Taxi lights and enjoy some night flights!

All flight control systems are animated. Main Rotor, Tail Rotor, and Swashplate just to name a few. All access doors fully animated with real 3d scans of the components fully viewable inside.
Flying characteristics are faithfully modeled, including the nasty retreating blade stall, VRS (Settling with Power) ETL (Effective Translational Lift), Translating Tendency, and even the 2 per revolution shake when appropriate. Blade slap too!

Do full touchdown autorotations, hovering autos, run on landings… If you can do it in the real 206, you can do it here. All faithfully recreated.

Practice makes better. If you are new to helicopters our Helimanager gives you the ability to dial in extra stability until you gain experience. It’s very rewarding to be able to push the sliders all the way down to 0 and have full on realism and maintain stable flight on your own. We also recognize everyone has a different system and external control hardware. Your joystick may not be our joystick, so we’ve added a slider to allow you to fine tune the sensitivity to match what you use.

Come get a copy which has now been released and go on a cross country. See the sights… We know you’ll have a grin inducing flight. Add the B206B3 to your hangar…ARRIVED !!!

I will share some screenshots with you all.

Keep an eye on our store and on the forum…The iconic B206B3 will grace the MSFS skies once again.

We also have an in house pilot who will demonstrate at regular intervals a live twitch, you can keep track of his channel here =

Tony F


Hi Everyone! I’ve Scheduled FOUR Twitch Demo Streams. For our New 206 Jet Ranger for MSFS VR & 2D - Flight, Walkaround, LIVE Q&A [Voice and Text] scheduled Thursday, Friday, Saturday & Sunday! Tune in Twitch and join the Discord Voice channel at FlyInside Helicopters to ask Questions live!


Another demo stream today. at 1700UTC (12 Noon Eastern US Time.) Come on and join I am going to be doing lots of flying rather than all descriptions today. I’ll be the server below, in the #general voice channel and in sim Multiplayer on the East USA server. We’ll start at N89. Also…I will be trying to monitor the Twitch chat window from VR to answer questions and take requests. See the New FlyInside 206 Jet Ranger for MSFS VR & 2D - Flight, Walkaround, LIVE Q&A [Voice and Text] - Tune in and subscribe Twitch and join the Discord Voice channel at FlyInside Helicopters to ask Questions live!

Please: Stop using the jittery washed out VR in the stream. I’d love to see hi-res “2D” without stutters :slight_smile:


See posts above for photos.


Just to understand properly, most of simmers want to watch high definition live stream to get a proper idea while in action. I guess we are able to stream the cockpit forward view in high definition targeting the audience, while the pilot in the stream is able to watch his own VR view on his side ? Or am I wrong ?
Indeed we can watch high definition pictures which is eventually really not the same as watching a high definition video stream.
I guess this occurs because the Twitch stream is announcing “1080p (Source)” and we ending in a low definition stream with at some point, a bit of voice saturation. Just for you to be aware of what will deserve at best your nice addon and amazing work … this would at least avoid to miss part of audience and future buyers …


OBS and twitch did not offer any higher resolution.

Sorry, perhaps once we release in a few days time there will be plenty of reviewers using 2D and producing 4K youtube videos. I know of several.


Sorry this can’t be achieved properly, though this is rather a streaming issue while in VR where the stream is rather not on 1080p HD which would have been perfect (currently low definition and high crenelation level, with also a bit of jittering, as reported and seen on the stream)
Perhaps due to the VR device and driver used if any limitation, plus potentially some VR device preference setting, as the issue starts when entering in VR ???

I don‘t understand a single word.
Are people watching this in VR on twitch?
If yes then i‘ll have to wait till someone will present it normally later. But i‘m not sure i‘m interested enough right now.

If most people would like to watch the stream conventionally (as in: in front of a flatscreen)
i think you‘re missing a chance by presenting it in vr for yourself and a handful of people.

No, it’s a 2D stream that you can simply watch on your monitor like any other video. The problem is that RotorRick uses one eye of his VR view to provide that 2D stream. Unfortunately that comes with the downside of extremely jittery head tracking.

I gotta agree that this is not a great way to present a video. People don’t get the VR experience anyway and only see a sub par video presentation. Doing a regular stream of the 2D version with TrackIR would be very much preferable if possible.

But as he said, its only a few more days and proper 2D reviews/previews will pop up soon enough.


Would be nice to know when this will appear on the marketplace!

We are hoping not too long on the marketplace mate.



Really excited for this! The 206 holds a special place in my heart. As it was the very first thing I flew when my grandpa introduced me to the Sim way back in FS '98.

I’m hopeful this one will have that default livery, too.

Lastly, I hope it’s better than a 407. Such a disappointment, that one.

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I had no idea this was even in development let alone out now! Looks to be a study level Bell 206! This is a must by for me.


Annnnnd, excitement gone. FI’s 206 will NOT be coming to Xbox after all. :sob:

As I understand it will come to XBox once WASM support arrives. It’s been pushed back time and time again, but it will come eventually.

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Just did my first flight in the Bell 206. I was a bit sceptic because the Twitch streams looked weird, and because I never got the hang of their Bell 47G. But what can I say, after the first circuits I think this helicopter is amazing!

I started on the runway with the engine running, saving the startup for later. First round with flight model on Medium felt good. Then switched to Realistic and was still able to keep control, which I never could in the 47G. The sounds are great, especially the blade slap which blends in really well (please take a note HPG). What really made me smile is the vibration of the whole machine, which varies with torque and RPM.

Those are just my first impressions, and I am no real pilot. But after flying mostly helicopters in MSFS since the early previews of the HGP H145, this Bell 206 will keep me busy for quite some time with a big grin on my face.

Now I just have to find out how to mount a collective to my chair …


Just have to say the 206 is the most realistic helicopter yet. Having a functional throttle brings so much more realism to training for power on autos. I personally can’t wait for a near study level Blackhawk, but this will do for now. $$$ well spent.


I did a quick flight and this thing is fantastic, great FM and serious depth. Unfortunately my GPS always dies after a couple minutes.

Oh and the heading indicator and HSI aren’t properly aligned and I can’t find a mechanism to adjust. The knob for the heading indicator doesn’t do anything.