Flyinside B206 B3 Discussion

Very good and Stable Helicopter. Realistic flight Dynamics. Full Circuit breaker. Full Switchs. But for me, framerate drops 40 percent. The reason unknown.

Got a couple of flights in. Excellent work! It flies beautifully, and even on Realistic hovering is a breeze, because this whirly bird reacts as I would expect it to. The VRS works as well. Don’t ask me how I know. Retreating blade stall is scary! Not many people will survive one of those.

The sound is excellent too. You really feel the power of the turbo jet engine, something that not many aircraft get right. When you slowly open up that throttle … beautiful! And that’s coming from someone who definitely prefers the sound of piston engines.

This is hands down the best helicopter in MSFS so far.

Have you switched the Generator switch from “Start” to “Gen”?

They are aware and fix for that will be released today already.

Yeah, it’s a bit hard on the performance.


I have indeed switched the gen, and only the GPS dies, nothing else. As for the heading knob, that’s great that we can adjust it, but if I start cold and dark, it and the HSI remain stuck at their starting headings, and won’t move no matter what direction I turn. If I start with engines running the heading indicator and HSI function normally.

EDIT the gps also doesn’t die if I start with the engines running. All of my issues seem to stem from C&D start, so something must be up with the C&D start because I’m following the checklist to the letter.

Hi All,

We’re looking into this. Something is up with C&D start for some users. Unfortunately not consistent across the board or it wouldn’t’ve slipped through for launch. That said, with everyone flying it now I’m sure we’ll track down the pattern and get it fixed in short order.

For HSI not working, make sure the gyro switches on the ceiling panel are all forward (there’s the Dir Gyro switch front left, a turn coordinator switch in back, and a GPS breaker, all relevant).

There’s a separate bug where the GPS drifts with the heading indicator. It’s an issue with the base MSFS gauge. We’re fixing the heading indicator knob so you can at least correct this, which corrects the GPS being out-of-alignment also.

Looking into performance to try to get those frames up for the people seeing low FPS.



I’d be happy to perform any testing you’d like.

Did a couple of flights last night. Nice work indeed, but I’m not too suprised, because flyInside did an excellent job already on the B47.

Two things that bothered me a bit:

  1. The helicopter at times does sudden jerky movements in yaw, haven’t figured out yet when and why that occurs.
  2. It is a bit heavy on fps (compared to the 407 for example), I assume that is because of the additional calculations required by the external flight model…

As to your first question mate, are you going past the blue arc on the speed gauge ? That induces the yaw and the other might be wind influence on the helicopter.

And Dan is actively looking at the fps hit for some.



Update, I was able to get the heading indicator and HSI un-stuck on C&D start by clearing the b206 folders from the MSFS local cache and local state folders, but the GPS still died. Since I haven’t had any confirmation of the WT 430/530 package is compatible, I deleted it, closed the sim, and cleared the folders again and am about to test again.

Interesting, please keep us updated, Dan regularly reads all posts.


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Well after loading everything back with the folders cleared and the WT package removed, the GPS is just permanently dark and the heading and HSI are stuck again

You’ll definitely want the WT430 installed, that’s what the 206 is designed to use. Is it working well from running then, but still giving issues C&D?

That is correct. All is fine from a running start. I thought maybe the PMS50 GTN might be interfering so I’m trying another flight with it removed, and I’ll be sure to put the WT 430/530 back in.

OK let me know - we’ll be looking into this one although it’s tricky. May take us a few days to figure out.

That was it I think. Thanks for your replay, awesome work. Will there be some tutorial videos (As to the manual, I’m a lazy reader, I have to admit)? I know that’s not the developer’s duty, but I’m just asking if anyone is already aware of good tutorials. Otherwise I’ll plaster this thread with tons of silly questions, lol!

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I have a stick that has neither pitch or roll axis bound in MSFS since they are injected from external software (brunner ffb) through simconnect

I am not entirely sure if it can be configured to inject the new cyclic axis in MSFS, will the heli react to elevator/ailerons axis for cyclic too?

We have a very helpful forum for silly questions LOL I am sure many tutorials will pop up over the coming days/weeks :slight_smile:


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How are you like the Brunner? Must be awesome!

We should respect the injected aileron/elevator events just fine. If not shoot an email to and we can probably fix it.

Some of the issues I’ve encountered on my last flight:

  1. Like others have mentioned, the GPS unit goes dark after a minute or so, but only when doing a cold start.

  2. The gauge just below the chronometer, that is labeled “outside air temperature” seems to display a number that has no relation to the actual temperature. I just flew near my home in Iowa, our temperature atm is 13F, but the gauge displayed 55?

  3. The radio control panel just below the GPS is completely unclickable for me (maybe I should mention that I use VR, not sure that has anything to do with it)

  4. My collective does not have a throttle axis, so I have to control RPM using a button. Unfortunately the button binding provided by Asobo for that purpose changes the RPM in rather crude steps, so I cannot avoid a hot start. Unfortunately, the throttle does not seem to be clickable in the cockpit (as it is in the 407 for example), so I can’t use my mouse either to make fine adjustments to the throttle. Has anyone found a solution to this? Will the dev make the throttle clickable at some point?

I’m having much fun learning this bird.

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Thanks for the feedback!

  1. We’re looking into this, high priority issue. Once we nail it we’ll have a fix out
  2. We’ll check this out, could be it’s reading the wrong variable
  3. We’ll check this
  4. Hot starts aren’t actually about fine adjustment at all. It’s about bumping that throttle at just the right time. If you go from fully closed to fully open you won’t get a hot start, as long as you do it right at 15% N1. What gets people is moving it really really slowly starting at 15%, so they miss the golden starting window. Let me know if that helps!

The brunner is amazing, especially for trim stuff (including fully realistic trim release for helis that have it)!

Alright, off to your site then!