FlyInside Bell 47G Helicopter Progress Update

Since our prior announcement, we’ve been hard at work on the FlyInside Bell 47G. We’ve massively overhauled the panel and exterior, gotten our systems working, improved the flight model, and tuned all sorts of things. We are looking forward to a late April release!

The Flight Model: Although MSFS does not currently include a helicopter flight model, FlyInside has had one under development for years (for FlyInside Flight Simulator). Our flight model provides an authentic helicopter flight experience, with realistic collective/cyclic response, ground effect, flap-back, transverse flow, torque/yaw, and auto-rotation capabilities.

For those of you with helicopter flight controls, our 47G has a piston engine simulation, with manual throttle control. For those running a normal joystick, you can also turn on the auto-governor and fly using 4-axis control only.

FlyInside Inc.
Dan C (Systems/Code), Rick M (Flight Model), Tony F (Artwork)


cough videos cough

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Thanks for the update! The development has been amazing. The exterior model, cockpit, is now realistic. It was worth redesigning the model … Now the exterior and interior are fantastic.

I ask the dear developers to add a realistic external, internal sound to the helicopter.

I recommend the developers to add a photorealistic texture to the outer model engine part, which greatly enhances the quality of the model.

Instead of the fabric texture of the seats in the cockpit, please use a leather texture.

Wonderful work! Thank you for your effort!

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All great points, the leather seats I can add for an update/different model down the line.

The engine so far has worn my poor old knuckles to the bone lol but yes it could have more work.

I believe the sound we have is quite good and really enjoy listening to it :slight_smile:


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Thank you for your work on behalf of the helicopter community! They are very happy to add a high quality helicopter to the simulator! I am also curious about flight dynamics …

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It really looks fantastic! thanks for your hard work. Looking forward to release!

I’m happily flying about in the H135 - it’s easy to fly for an idiot like me, and I absolutely love the sensation of flying a helo in MSFS 2020. I mean, I can literally fly the H135 with just an Xbox1 controller and feel like I actually know what I’m doing (I don’t).

Will the Bell 47G perhaps come with an ‘easier flight mode’ for the less technically inclined amongst us (like me)…? I would jump at it, if that’s the case!

Yes it will. That said, I’ve found full-on heli flight-models can actually be quite enjoyable to fly with an XBox Controller. I’m sure some would call me a heretic for saying this, but it can be a very relaxing way to fly.


Okay, sold. Where do I sign? :grinning: Seriously, I’m hooked. This looks like it could be a lot of fun.

Congratulate him for his great work, one of my favorite helicopters, I would like to see some video, also with the sound of the engine and the blades of the propellers.

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We look forward to hearing it and flying it :helicopter:

Just a preview of what awaits us in its final presentation :slight_smile:

my only concern is when MS finally gets around to truly supporting helicopters, it’ll break this one and the H135. :frowning:

regardless of that, keeping tabs on this addon and looking forward to the official release.

Famous last words, and fingers crossed, but this shouldn’t be an issue. We’re using supported APIs, and entirely overriding the flight model. MSFS shouldn’t even realize that our aircraft is a helicopter, let alone try to apply the heli FM. If somehow that happens, we’ll fix it when we get to it :wink:


What is FlyInside Heli Manager?

Looks great! I watched some of the last livestream and this looks like it’ll be quite the addon!

It’s a little program that you can adjust certain settings like auto governor on or off and change realism settings…its a great feature :slight_smile:



I look forward to the release of the bell 47 helicopter. I will fly among the mountains, over forests, over grassy meadows. Dream … The model is amazing after the repairs.

I found the modeling of the Bell 47 helicopter distorted in the first development images, but based on the images I received during yesterday’s update, the helicopter became amazing. Fixed bugs. Thanks

Very nice! Did you already test it with VR?

I have flew H135 some times now and wait eagerly yours. I would hope that some day we will have missions like mountain rescue and cargo sling.