Flysimware Cessna 414A

I can confirm. Throttle isn’t working anymore after the update.

I think both you and CharlieFox could be right.
The unrealistic behavior might be in the lack of modeling prop drag (new flight model parameters), not accounting for the prop drag being speed dependent. Rather seems like a constant force, independent of speed.
The Milviz C310 is a bit of the same.
Doesn’t want to decelerate at cruise speed, but drops like a stone at thrust reduction on landing speed. (albeit flaps also increase drag on landing)

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Yup it’s the dreaded Xbox controller “white dot” issue. I reported on the dev’s Discord channel, the bug has been confirmed, and is now under investigation ( the good news is that they think they know what’s causing it ) for a fix.
Very quick response to my report from the development team.

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I think we have to be a little careful here. Personally I’d rather have a good, realistic feeling flight model than a physics based simulation of propellor drag - which could easily disrupt or detract from the experience of flying this plane, No I’m not an IRL pilot but what I don’t want is a situation where it’s practically impossible to set up properly stabilised landing approach, which could easily be a side effect from an over emphasis on simulating prop physics. I reckon trading off and tuning these sorts of phenomena can be very difficult to balance and get right. Personally I like the feeling of this flight model and wouldn’t want to see it changed… but that is just my own personal opinion…

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If it’s simulated correctly, or perhaps accurately, this should still be possible.


No, the point is realism. Of course it shouldn’t make the flight model more unrealistic, to the contrary. Let’s not engage in straw man arguments.
I don’t think Asobo has introduced the new parameters (propellor physics, fluid dynamics, adverse yaw etc.) to have less realism, to the contrary.

If you want a dumbed down flight model that is easy to land, you can always switch on the assistants.


So yesterday I wasted 1h and 30 of flight. Didn’t know anything about this bug, but when landing I had this tedious white dot and the throttle didn’t work.

I am very satisfied with this aircraft and I respect everyone’s opinion
maybe i understood or maybe not what the white dot is being on xbox s but i use a hotas one and there are no problems
however, I recently noticed that the speed indicator, when it decreases, for example between 100 and 80 knots, is not reactive and goes jerky
good flight to all

I don’t want to get into an argument - just saying that in practice putting ‘more realism’ into a simulator isn’t trivial and affects a lot of things - it doesn’t necessarily lead to an improvement - in this case to the overall FM- so a lot care is needed. In fact it’s essential because it could actually make a lot of things worse. It’s a trade-off usually.

Did I actually say anything about wanting a “dumbed down flight model” ? I don’t think I did but perhaps I was mistaken. Have it your own way.

Sorry, but I don’t get what you are trying to say.
How can more realism be a bad thing ever? In a simulator? (there will always be the assistants for those who don’t have rudder pedals or generally prefer to drive bricks on wheels through the air.)

Or are you saying, plane developers can’t be trusted, and if you give them more and better variables to finetune the realism of the FM, they will screw it up and make the plane perform worse?

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I think they’re saying if you pull on one string too hard, you may unpick something that was working before.

While that’s true, it doesn’t have to be that way, and the assumption that it will be is a rather fatalistic way of looking at things.

Essentially that way of thinking is “Don’t improve anything, I’m happy with the way things are broken right now.”


I bought the Cessna 414 for Xbox. My Problem is that i cannot controll the throttle with my Xbox Controller inside the Cockpit. Only in outside View. Thats very annoying and makes No Fun to fly this beautiful plane. There a solution ?


That’s odd behavior. Perhaps a mapping issue? I’ve also got the 414 on the Xbox with a fairly basic controller (Thrustmaster T.Flight Full Kit X) and it controls the throttle as expected.

I dont think so. Other airplanes working Fine for me. And i am Using only Xbox Controller for Flights. I Think its a bug

Hi, this is a bug that has been introduced by the latest update of the plane. The developers are aware of it (according to their discord chanel). So, there should be a solution soon. Have fun with this beautiful plane!

Okay good to know. Its only half Fun in the Moment. When Flysimware heard of this bug on discord? I Hope the fix come very soon

The problem occurred last Friday after the update to 3.4.5. It was quickly reported by users (I think there is also a post on this issue in the forum here) and almost instantly acknowledged by the devs on discord. I believe they are working on it and hope that were are rather talking about days than weeks until we get a fix. Let‘s cross fingers!
Bye the way, I noticed another thing with this plane on Xbox. I am not able to change the VS with the pitch control wheel of the autopilot with the Xbox controller. I am wondering if this is only me having this issue?

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It’s a great plane. One of my favourites. This with GTNXi is a real winner. Things work as intended, landings are a pleasure. Performance is really good too. I’d recommend this to anyone

I was flying at 12000FT last night, after the update, and noticed that the mixture controls had no affect on performance until cut off. Anyone else have this problem? I have only done low 4000FT flights previously and hadn’t used the mixtures controls to know whether this is a recent thing or not.

It’s turbocharged, so there may not be much of a performance gain when leaning below critical altitude.