FlyTampa CYYZ

Is it true that FlyTampa is in the process of developing Toronto Pearson?

From their Facebook. I’d say yes.


This is fantastic. I love flying into Toronto as well as Boston.

I hope alot of the major airports in North America get re-done. I’m super excited for Toronto, and I hear FlyTampa creates some of the best out there.


If you haven’t already, I recommend checking out CYOW by RomanDesigns(?) on the marketplace.
There is also a good freeware CYUL on
Can’t wait for CYYZ!
Good day and happy holidays+new year.

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They do however they are often not the best optimized. I think it took a few patches to bring up performance in KLAS and it still lags but if you own a really powerful rig there is no one beating them with quality.

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I really enjoyed Buffalo as well. The smaller commercial airports are fun to hop in and out of. Hope they decide to update that and Midway as well!

Yes KLAS had performance issues on release but it’s absolutely fine now. Also the detail is phenomenal. I can fly the F-15 in VR on a G2 using a 2080 Ti and keep the fps smooth. It’s definately worth it, KLAS is amongst the most natural airports in my collection.

I had FlyTampa Corfu on X-Plane and is was a terrific scenery package with some terraforming and custom objects throughout the island so as a package I’m looking forward to what FlyTampa do with that next probably more than the other two.

I have FlyTampa Sydney and it’s brilliant. Can’t wait for Toronto. Wish we had an ETA of when it will drop though. Are we talking months, weeks, etc.

Apparently they started working on it in July according to one of their posts on Facebook. No release date was posted, but hopefully within the next month or so.


I’m chomping at the bit for this one to go with the GTA scenery freeware from Romandesign.
I do remember Flytamps CYYZ in the other sim was though on performance but I beat it will be awesome in MSFS2020. I’ll buy it the day its released and I hardly ever by addons for MSFS 2020.

Can’t wait for Toronto as well!

Add me to the YYZ list provided it’s on the Xbox.

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Definitely excited about Boston. The states need some more love from developers as there are a bunch of class B airports that need good payware. City scenery around KLAS is gorgeous.

Thank goodness it’s on the way at least? The lack of YYZ has been hard to understand lately. Just about any other major airport and plenty of small ones are available, but not Toronto?

And… Speaking of strange absences from MSFS with a Candian flavour to them. WHERE is the Milviz DHC-2 Beaver!!! As a Vancouver it is simply painful to not have one in the sim!

Beaver is definitely coming. It will be worth the wait trust me!

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They replied to me asking about status on their Facebook page. In times past I think they found it annoying I was asking. But this times they “loved” my comment and replied saying it was coming and it would not disappoint, paraphrasing. I did notice it’s listed as in development on their store page. Not sure when it got put there, but I’d never noticed it there. So, 18 or so months since the first teaser images, it does seem to be on the way kinda, sorta soonish?!! I may have to make a really detailed CYHC add on using photogrametry! It’s 10 minute walk from my house. OK, getting off topic. :wink: Is there a seaplane terminal around Toronto? :wink:

Take my money FlyTampa. Take all of it. Just gibb that CYYZ and I will pay any amount of money. Need good Toronto Pearson, Canada’s flagship international hub. It has been sorely missing from MSFS since launch.

Ooooh I can’t wait. My wallet is ready. :smiley: