FlyTampa Toronto CYYZ - Runways missing or sim/mods issue on my end?


Just curious, per the attached screenshot, it seems FlyTampa has decided to remove two runway strips (4 approaches) from their Toronto.

Is this happening to everyone or just on my end perhaps a mod incompatibility?

I won’t post the actual chart for copyright stuff, but the chart, effective May 2022 (and long before as well), has all 5 runways/10 approaches operational.


No issues with my FT YYZ a couple days ago. I’ll check again when I land.

They are there in the sim while in the world flying, but on the world map they have been removed for some reason (on my end).

For some reason the terminals and satellite imagery is all coloured over in green paint too lol

Ah gotcha, never really noticed as I don’t sue the world map for flight planning or ATC in sim.

I’ll take a peak at mine when I land.

Yeah same so it hasn’t really affected anything, more just a curiosity that seems strange.

Just checked, all good here.

Very interesting, I must have a mod interfering with it somehow. Thank you for getting back to me! I’ll work through add-ons linker over the next few days to see if I can find what it is.


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