Follow me cars

I think follow me cars should be implimented as well,I just dint like those ugly BIG taxi ribbons


I agree! That and an option to show or not show the push-back tugs. Seems a bit overkill anytime I want to push my 152.


Definitely on the push-back tugs. I just run them over and turn my aircraft towards the taxiway.


yeah the ground crew havent got a clue about occupational Health and Saftey :grin:


I spent about 20 minutes looking for gate B23 at Denver today. A truck would have been nice but even better, having the actual gates and terminals correctly named is necessary.


Why, is Kirk around? When Kirk isn’t around, it’s pretty lax. You see Kirk walking around the corner though, you better have your forklif… I mean your Cessna maintenance check completed and signed off on, LOL. :rofl:

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I might be imagining it, but I’ve just landed at KJSC, runway 30L and contacted ground, as usual, with a request for taxi to a parking space. There was a people-carrier type vehicle at the taxiway, which I initially thought was there by coincidence, but it followed the blue arrows to my parking spot, with me following it, and once i had parked, it just stayed there.

Like i said, it may have been a coincidence, but the vehicle was doing a very good job of pretending to be a follow-me car.

well that interesting ,I will try KJSC as well

i need to retry it also. It really did take me by surprise, but it was late here and i didn’t have the time to prove it wasn’t just a coincidence.

Unfortunately, it would appear that a combination of coincidence and a fair amount of wishful thinking on my part, have led to me jumping to the wrong conclusion, as i can’t get this to happen again.

One day maybe.

I agree but I think they will be in GSX3 if the team dont get round to it

I will agree. It seems to me that the follow me cars is much easier to make than the ugly blue ribbons.

Hello, is there a possiblity to get a follow me car or something like this on big airports ?


Not a bad idea.

Could work out better than the mile wide arrows which we currently have to follow to get to the runway.


I thought about something like we know from X-Plane made by JAR Design
There are arrows ? I did not see any when I was trying to navigate on Copenhagen Airport follwing the order

Yes, big blue arrows directing the path to the runway. Crazy size at least on my monitor.

I tend to use ATC and request a take off runway. Maybe the arrows are only shown when ATC is active ??

I have been landing there and requested an parking positiong, but I did not see any arrows! thats realy strange

You need to activate them from the MENU under OPTIONS/ASSISTANCE the one in the middle where you can set all the ASSITS you want/need. Something like TAXI GUIDANCE or similar, I do not have the game here right now.



It is strange.

Not at my computer now so can’t look at my settings. Maybe I activated some setting which you haven’t ?

The arrows aren’t great but better than nothing.

There are arrows, yes, but you have to turn them on or of in the option menu. Which sucks. There should be an option to assign a key to toggle this in real time. If they are on or off ‘by default’ depends on the choice you make during the initial install/setup.

BTW I usually use Smart cam to guide me. Far from perfect but it sure helps to get you in the right direction: you are guided along the same path the arrows would show you. Only problem is it’s easy to miss a turn. It’s worth a shot though. I hate to go to the menu to enable the arrows…