For GA , alternative throttle to Honeycomb?

For GA , alternative throttle to Honeycomb ?

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I use the Logitech throttle quadrant, but is probably the cheapest of the lot and all plastic but does the trick.


Lots of information on Throttles here

Hope this helps…

I bought the Thrustmaster TCA Quadrant to use with airliners and with GA. You can disable the detents if you want.

For single engine GA, you can’t beat the Logitech G throttle. Power, Mix, Prop plus eight programmable buttons, all in a very compact desk footprint.

Easy to program, works like a charm.

What about for twin engine ?

For 2 engines you can connect 2 Logitech Throttles.

It’s too bad Saitek/Logitech hardware is all but out of stock these days: does anybody know if Logitech will produce new batches?

thanks . looks good !

here’s an in stock tracker

Virtualfly TQ 6 Plus. the best out there.


Depending where you are can find them on eBay for close to retail prices.

My setup is such that I wouldn’t be able to clamp the quadrant to the edge of the desk. Could I just set it on top of the desk, perhaps with Velcro on the base to prevent sliding? Or is the bottom of it not flat?

I have mine placed on my desk, it leans against my monitor stand so it doesn’t slide at all. The bottom is perfectly flat

$800 for 1/10th of the functionality of the Bravo?

Not a thing at all, Im happy with my Honeycomb Alpha and Bravo, but for quality it just cant compete with my friends Yoko the yoke and TQ6+. all metal. so its up to everyone to see if they really need the more Pro Setup from VirtualFly or even Brunner. im happy with my Setup but do understand why people buys the more expensive hardware.

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One could say the same thing about a Yoko or Brunner yoke. I think it has more to do with the quality of components and construction. Honeycomb is a step up from Logitech but it’s not high-end hardware.

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Have a look at Precision Flight Controls. PFC. Book in for the full afternoon trip of the website though.

Yeah as someone else said it’s flat so you could attach it with velcro if you wanted.

After using the plastic controllers for so many years I wanted to go to the Metal. You cant really beat the feel and quality. I have panels and switches for all the stuff the Bravo has. The price of the controllers would put most people off and there really isn’t much in between. I bought The VF trilogy and love them all. The pain of the cost has soften over time. The bravo is a great starting point. Josh

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