For me, the 3 most difficult things to do in msfs actually are....?

  1. Stay in the cockpit during the whole flight.
  2. Not to switch to fake weather when the “real” one becomes uncomfortable.
  3. Not to play with the simrate when a flight becomes loooooong.

I agree with you on the last one, I’m sure many people speed up the sim rate on longer flights.


Maybe try out shorter flights, or GA flights.

Only airliner stuff I really do is in the CRJ, since those are normally a lot shorter, so they keep me engaged. Other than that, VFR in GA airplanes for me. Plenty to do / look at.

  1. That’s laughable on my part! Squirrel! :chipmunk:

  2. I enjoy the tough weather. My best experiences have been at 300 feet and I can barely see the runway. Glad I do not do that for a living!

  3. FPS is the death-knell of this sim and should always be avoided. If the ground is not jerking, then all is well.


I need to look into how to use the camera system properly and to set up custom external views. Never found the camera system that easy to use.

IRL, the only camera you have is the cockpit, you don’t need anything else, the other cameras are not real, unless you want to make pretty videos.

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The most difficult thing is to not smash your computer when the update stalls or loops infinitely.

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Totally guilty of 1 and 3.

I do quite like the challenge of terrible weather though. I think some of my most enjoyable flights so far have been those moments when loading into a flight to discover zero visibility heavy rain/snow/icing conditions in a totally inappropriate aircraft and just going for it anyway.


I respect all (many) points of view, but sometimes I find amusing that some users are so worried about the correct working of complex AP features, and tend to dismiss the importance of low level flight (where faithful landscape and landmarks are really important), but then are obliged to increase the sim rate because they find the situation boring.
Please relax, consider that there is a whole giant Earth outside the shiny cockpit, and luckily MSFS is able to simulate it like no other sim/game before.
Ah, the relax is deeper if you also avoid to check every second the FPS counter.


My biggest difficulty is being allowed the time and peace and quiet, amongst all the other things I’m expected to do, to simply enjoy the experience!


I solve all this by only flying GA aircraft under 150nm. INstead of changing weather, fly somewhere else! It will force you to expand your horizons. I also highly recommend getting Skypark, no matter how you fly.

That said, there’s nothing wrong with doing any of the 3 things mentioned. Fly it your way. It’s a sim/game. No reason to put pressure on yourself.

  1. Not getting a CTD when main menu appears.
  2. Not getting a CTD when a flight ends and I return back to the main menu.
  3. Not getting a CTD without various aircrafts.
  1. Trying to find a good answer when my gf asked me, “Who is that WOMAN I always see you flying with?” She doesn’t believe me when I start talking about weight and balance.
  2. Explaining to my gf when she asks me if she could be my co-pilot that there are rules and regulations that don’t allow family and friends in a cockpit. Too distracting,
  3. Changing my co-pilot to a male avatar to keep peace in the house. Telling my gf that the woman I had been flying with has been “reassigned”.
  1. You’re suggesting opening the door and falling to your death?
  2. Only possible for those with the powers of the gods!
  3. Make your legs shorter!
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All 3 are pretty spot on…
I always find myself spending atleast 5 minutes messing with weather/time conditions to get a nice moody atmosphere…as default sunny day looks washed out in this sim.


You made me laugh I am with you on 1 and 2
As for your 3rd point why I do short flights.KDCA to JFK with the CRJ or A320.
I would say my most difficult thing to do is finding fun stuff to do in the sim.I get bored very quickly.Atm I’m patiently waiting for blackbox to drop their bn2 islander.That should be fun.

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Exactly what is happening to me atm.
Trying to fix but no luck

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From the first tech alpha, this is what sold me. In 26 years of simming, I’d never experienced the white-knuckle approaches as I have with MSFS.

get a response from the Zendesk.

Worth noting this isnt real life. Its a game on a computer being played in your bedroom/living room. Maybe some people just want to have a look at the scenery with the camera perhaps? lol

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