Force feedback support

I think it came across pretty clearly – as there are no currently sold (affordable) FF controls, there is no money to be made by adding FF code for legacy controllers, so its a low priority –

Its all about PROFIT, and adding FF code is not “Profitable” to MS.

If MS were still selling a current MS FF Joystick, the code would be there, pushing the sales of that Microsoft Joystick.

At the end of the day, does it really matter if ASOBO does not add true FF code … for the limited “current” market of those few that still have a legacy FF joystick, Add-on developers like XPforce, are covering those needs, , probably far better, and certainly with better Customer Support, than Asobo can ever offer through Zendesk :stuck_out_tongue:

BTW: I still have 2 MS Sidewinder 2 FF Joystick from my FSX days, and they work “acceptably” well with XPforce … certainly well enough that I am very reluctant to swap them out, even with any of the “Latest & Greatest” high end consumer Yokes.

I still use mine and it is a great joy stick I hope they add this to the sim


I have ordered the new Fulcrum Yoke (180 degree aileron travel and 8" of elevator travel) but my intention is to keep using the FFB2 for anything that traditionally has a stick and use the new fulcrum for traditional Yoke aircraft.

There is no modern stick i would regard as an adequate replacement for my FFB2. Aside from the lack of FFB most of the modern joysticks seem very “combat” focused, notchy with short throws to allow you to chuck your aircraft about with gay abandon but minimal or no attention payed to allowing fine control.

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Still using my trusty MSSW FFB2. Great piece of hardware. Still going strong after all these years (immediately touches nearest wooden object).


+1 :crossed_fingers: :door: :chair:

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I think in FSX it was only partially supported. In FSX it really benefited for FsForce to give it the correct feel.

In 2020, the developer of FsForce has failed to develop a 2020 version of his software, but another Dev has, bringing out XPforce, which really brings the forces to life.

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When all my simfriends using different Joysticks and all got problems with it in the sim and some using tools like FSUIPC e.t.c. I just plugin my MSSW FFB2 and it works. Never got a problem with him. It still the best Joystick! :v:


A lot of people still use them. If everyone still using an FFB2 upvoted this thread we would hit 1000s of votes and be top of the priority list for a fix. :smiley:


Yes I think that too :slight_smile:


I can tell you there is a need for a user facing debugging log feature:

  • This concerns user so that they are able to find out sometimes the nature of the problems they are encountering (CTD, etc…).

  • This also concerns 3rd party developers so that they can know whether their add-ons are causing a problem.

  • This also concerns Asobo in order to know what it is users are reporting and what was the simulator doing prior crashing for example.

Yet, even calling all my peers in the 3rd party devs private forum, I can tell you the topic has attracted a ridiculous number of votes comparing…

Debugging log - #7 by CptLucky8

Agreed. I just voted for that topic as well.

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Yep, agree on that one CptLucky8, voted as well. If there’s one thing the Flightsim needs, is accurate descriptions as to why the sim wont start/download/load/ctd or #flyrightoutthewindow (as some users are quite sick of not being able to play)

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What more can you ask for??
Well, Force feedback that doesn’t try to kill you each time you enable autopilot would be a start.
I really like how XPForce works when it works, but that has never been long enough for a complete flight. Perhaps my setup is wrong. Does it work properly for anyone else?

Well. maybe its NOT the Force Feedback but more an issue with the AP.

Depends on which AP you are talking about.

I am not familiar with the AP’s on the bigger planes, but my impression / experience is that the KAP140 AP can defiantly get into an unstable state, where it will no longer stabilize, and the only remedy is to reload the plane (that reloads the AP, back in a stable state).

All sort of possible coding possibilities come to mind, especailly when you consider that there is integration being carried out deep in the AP’s “hidden” kernal code.

It could be an issue with the AP, but this issue doesn’t appear when running Airforce Player or FS Playground.

Excuse me for lazy question - is there freeware tool for FFB support? If not, how soon MS going to implement it, by average opinion? Question from FS 3rd party dev.

I am only aware of XPForce which is not freeware.

As for how soon, potentially never, that is the point of voting for this thread, to make them aware of the need.


I use this: AirForce Player | DirectInput Manager : at the moment, this is free of charge. Just remember to start it AFTER FS2k has loaded, otherwise it may not work.

So far I have tried 3 FFB add-ons with my Sidewinder FFB 2: XPForce (payware), FS Playground (payware) and Airforce player. They all have a few pros and cons.

  • FS Playground: Is mainly a replay tool (which I don’t use) with FFB thrown in as a bonus. The FFB part doesn’t have a lot of features (like effects for bumpy/grass runway, touchdown, gear up/down, saving configs per aircraft, etc.), but the flying part is well done. Costs around 20 EUR.
  • Airforce Player: Has more effects, but the feeling in flight is not great and it always centers the stick regardless of situation. It’s free though.
  • XPForce: Has the most options and effects and flies nicely, almost as well as FS Playground. A big con: the program has to be started prior to MSFS, which is annoying when it loses connection to the sim midflight (doesn’t happen that often, but it’s a pain when it does). Costs around 12 EUR.

So far I use XPForce the most. I really hope FS Playground expands their FFB options, because it flies really well. I just want to feel other forces as well, as my joystick is the only way I’m going to feel anything.


Even the game providing more support to these external apps would be a vast improvement on the present situation.