Force Feedback Thread - Any news and latest developments here!

I’ve tried Airforce Player too: it works my Logitech Force 3d Pro, and quite well it seems. It’s also free, at least for now!

Thanks for the tipp. I’ll check it out right away.

To be honest I wasn’t impressed with XPForce at all. Coming from DCS and knowing how good FFB can feel in a plane, I felt dissapointed with this one. There was no feel of the wind gliding over the wing, just dull resistance. Not my cup of tea. Hopefully he improves his software, specially when you think about all the points that are beeing simulated on the wings. There seems to be so much more potential.

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I found this at the FS Force Forum who linked it.
After a few tests, I am very satisfied with this. It is also very surprising that it has this much functionality even though it is still in the development stage.
I’ve found some problems and I also asked for a function and reported them(but I haven’t received a reply yet)

Also I’m thinking of finding other problem and letting there know.
It’s not like run should do MSFS together like XP Force, it’s an independent execution.
Therefore, even if the Airforce Player program is closed with CTD due to a problem, it is only necessary to run Airforce Player again.

If there are fix some problems, and add a few features, I think this program will be the best Force feedback application for MSFS.

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Intriguing. Could any one of you elaborate on what Airforce Player does (or promises to do in the near future) better than XPForce, apart from

  • its lower price
  • the possiibility to relaunch it when it crashes without relaunching MSFS?
    It’s not yet obvious to me after following the link and reading the documentaion?

Another one for the community:
I thought a bit late of asking about FF joysticks for the Dev Q&A yesterday (the question list had been closed at that point)

  • Do anyone at Asobo use a force feedback equipment?
  • Do Asobo have plans regarding FFB (internal implementation, opening more options in the SDK for third parties…)
  • Do they have insight on Microsoft’s plans to revive its FFB joystick line?
  • On why no manufacturer offers new entry-level FFB joysticks: Can Asobo or Microsoft update / deny / substantiate the “patent troll” story that circulates online, but is old and amounts more or less to an urban legend at this point…

Did I miss any of these point already being addressed in a previous Q&A, interview, or communication?

I’m actually, very satisfied with XP Force than Airforce Player.
I just was angry yesterday when I tested the beta version and found that nothing had been fixed.
I feel like this is something just putting the 1.0.9728 version again and I can’t see anything changed.

Yes, that’s only Independent execution was the best for me, If I had a CTD, I wouldn’t have to run MSFS again.
But Also, the stall vibrations worked as well with Airforce Player for me.
I Just liked these more than anything else of XP Force.
Of course, XP Force still has a lot more functionality than Airforce Player and XP Force is already has a stall function, but it just doesn’t work for X-Plane 11 or MSFS.
I don’t know anything about whether Airforce Player will continue using for free or whether it will be a paid program.

XP Force and Airforce Player are very different ways to set it up.
For Airforce Player can set the force for each desired speed of elevator and aileron, just like FS Force 2.
For XP Force can set the main setting is to control the strength of pitch and roll.
There will certainly be a limit to adjusting the speed perfectly by adjusting it.
There may also be some people who prefer to set up like FS Force.

I haven’t received any answer from the Airforce Player developer yet.
Also I can’t log-in to the forum of there.(I have created a forum account, but I can’t receive an email confirmation with a link to set a new password).

Today, I tested the #5 Patch of MSFS with Airforce Player today, It’s pitch moves crazy when did touchdown.
the reason is that it moves like crazy after touchdown. From #5 patch update!

PS : In fact, I don’t care about anything for best(XP Force or Airforce Player) do Force Feedback for the MSFS, but I am just very hope MSFS will support Force Feedback soon!!! and It’ll be the best!!!

Thank you for this extensive feedback! :+1:t3:
I gather from it that there is not much for me to expect from Airforce Player now or in the near future. All the more given that XPForce never CTDed on me, which means I’m not actively looking for independent execution of the two programs.

You may be interested to know that a beta of XP Force was released that tentatively fixes the stall-warning in MSFS

No problem!

Yeah it’s not that big a deal. At least, it is working! and Yes! That’s it. I really wanted to try the stall function.
But also, Roll Exaggeration It has to be fixed.

I’ve been waiting for FS Force, but I haven’t heard from since August 23.

Have a nice Friday! :wink: