Force Feedback Thread - Any news and latest developments here!

Hey guys and girls,

I thought this would be a nice place to gather all the information about FFB.

I have two peaces of information on that:

  1. I asked GamerMuscle in a live stream and he confirmed that he had FFB in the alpha using his Brunner joystick.

  2. FS Force is working on a version of their software, that is compatible with FS2020. See the announcement here on their website.
    This will cost us around 35$ I guess, wich is a shame because FSX comes with FFB out of the box.

If any of the alpha / beta users can share information or anyone else, please feel free to share.

I use a Sidewinder FFB2 and am still hoping for FFB. How hard can it bee @Asobo?

Let’s pray to the ffb gods!



I think at the moment it’s a problem with simconnect? …maybe



Lastes update from Russel over at FSForce:

“Just a quick update to keep you in the loop. Not much has changed since I started this thread. The SimConnect API is still a work-in-progress by Asobo to get it 100% functionally equivalent to what it was in FSX. There are several key functions that are currently not working, which my add-on relies upon, and I am therefore not able to do any development work. Hopefully they will get things working soon so I can begin modifying my program to work with FS2020.”

Good news:

We will have a variaty of providers for ffb.

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I installed the XPForce trial In X Plane 11 and then bought the license.

I am unable to figure out how to install the license to make the plugin functional.

Can you please explain how?
Thank you

PS Asked the vendor J&K and no response!

This is not the X-Plane forum, sorry.

Run a flight with the plug in. Open the XPforce menu from the drop down. There should be a space for the licence in this form. Close and save. It should keep your details after this.

Thank you. That worked. Now I can buy the MSFS versiion with confidence, once it becomes available👍

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The Brunner joysticks seem to work now. Just watched GamerMuscle’s video. He said that the Brunner Software thinks it’s talking to FSX. Super strange that the Sidewinder 2 FFB is still not having FFB (I checked).

Thanks for the news.Stoffel14.
I’m very interested in force feedback for msfs2020.

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MSFS 2020 Announcement - FS FORCE

As mentioned in that FS-Force thread, simFFB works nicely out of the box as a temporary workaround if your priority for using force feedback is getting a realistic trimming feeling (Trim Up/Trim Down now actually adjust the joystick centering position to where you want it to be)

Install and documentation link:

I tested it with a Sidewinder FF2, in the DR400, which now feels so much more like the real thing. Night and day difference, I yelled out of joy after a few seconds :slight_smile:

Caveat: simFFB is hard-coded to use the POVHAT on the stick, and does not update the trim indicator in the plane.

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Thanks for the info. I’ll test it out shortly! :slight_smile:

Can confirm it works. It is, like you already said, just for trimming. Still no force feedback still.

Could this application work with a FFB racing wheel? Just by applying forces to the X-Axis.

I’m interested about it. Thank you.

The plane can act a bit funny at times with simFFB it will fight the simFFB trim cheat somewhat. But better than nothing.

The thing I don’t understand is, why there is no FFB out of the box for MSFS2020. If the code base from FSX is still there and all the plugins just tap into that, why doesn’t the simulator provide FFB itself? FSX did as far as I remember.

I don’t recall it having FFB working. I had to buy an add-on for FSX to get any action from my sidewinder ffb2.

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I find it useful to reset simFFB from time to time (using the dinit button)
I thought at first that I could keep the POV hat left and right buttons for panning the cockpit view left and right, however I realized that simFFB was using it for rudder trim, which I do not want or need.
I did not find a way of disabling it.
I’d be happy to assign simFFB trim up and simFFB trim down to any other buttons than tbe POV hat, and keep it for panning the cockpit camera. That would require a bit of additional code, I guess.

Breaking news: a first version of XPForce for FS2020 was released today, and works nicely for me so far with a MSFF2 in the DR400 (remember to read the manual…)


I’ve found this tool which seems to cover all of my favorite force feedback functions and more should come according to the developer: