ForeFlight compatibility

I’m sure this isn’t high on the “To Do list” but for those of us that are real life pilots being able to track our Sim flights on ForeFlight gives us a major advantage. Xplane is able to communicate with ForeFlight and it makes it super handy to track flight progress and use real life skills.

One day I’d like to make this simulator my primary means of training supplement and to develop lesson plans for students. It also makes shooting an approach much more authentic.


This works well. Click Join, download software.

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You can get Xmapsy and connect Foreflight or Skydemon with FS2020.

There is also a cheaper alternative from Sim Market MSFS Bridge that seems to work for both SkyDemon and ForeFlight.

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I confirm, tested this newly cheap MSFS BRIDGE from Sim Market yesterday evening, works like a charm !

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FIT - MSFS BRIDGE - works perfectly with integrating MSFS with ForeFlight. Much cheaper than the competitor’s version.

P3D required a app to run for this to work but changed it and now it connects with P3D starts. I would like to see MSFS 2020 do that. I do have flight events run when windows starts but still be nice not needing it. Minor wish list for me

Foreflight is able to connect via Simconnect but it would be good yeah.

Not sure why folks are buying this when the free flighttracker plugin works fine.

If you are a pilot, or working to become a pilot, It is totally worth it and can be used in simulator platforms as well as in the real airplane. I have it and use it for planning and additional information in the air while flying the 172 IRL. If your neither of these, I can understand using other choices as it isn’t a cheap subscription. I also use free tools sometimes and do have Navigraph charts for when I fly in areas outside of coverage on ForeFlight. I like that Navigraph Charts uses Jeppesen data as adding this to ForeFlight is yet another $200/year, just for the U.S.


I meant I use the Flighttracker plugin to connect to Foreflight. I also use FF (and Navigraph) to keep it as similar to what I’d use in real life.

I wrote a small app for this: GitHub - Andywmm9/Miller.Msfs.ForeFlightRelay: Microsoft Flight Simulator application that relays information to ForeFlight.

I’ve been using fs2ff, seems to work nice: GitHub - astenlund/fs2ff: A utility that connects Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 with ForeFlight, Sky Demon, Garmin Pilot, and probably a few more EFB apps

Can someone explain what these apps deliver beyond Flighttracker? Wondering if I’m missing something.

  • airport info and charts (taxiways, runways)
  • flight plan overlay
  • procedures (ILS and RNAV approaches, visual approach guidelines, etc)
  • live weather data (of limited use when using sim weather, of course)
  • live traffic data (see the same live traffic in sim)
  • saves your GPS tracks for later review
  • if you pay extra for the middle tier of Foreflight, additional features like hazard avoidance overlay and synthetic terrain view as a non-calibrated secondary flight instrument that’s quite handy when flying on external view or in a plane without glass cockpit

In other words, some people want things you don’t care about. That’s fine. Let them enjoy it.

OK, let’s clear a few things up:

  1. I use FF for both sim and IRL flying. I’m fully aware of (and addicted to) everything it provides.

  2. I’ve been using the FlightEvents tracker to link MSFS to Foreflight since it was one of the only options available. So far, it’s worked seamlessly and well for me, with the exception of needing to be on the same subnet as the tablet.

  3. I am trying to get clarity on what these other options for linking MSFS to Foreflight might offer.

Put the pitchforks away. I want and care about those things as well – I’m just trying to understand what these other options FOR LINKING MSFS TO FF (to be clear) offer.


I am going to give fs2ff a shot, though, as the Flightevents tracker has the annoying habit of needing to be on the same subnet.

All I know is fs2ff is open source, didn’t look awful when I looked at the readme, and worked perfectly when I ran it. I can’t speak to non-fs2ff options for connecting Foreflight to MSFS.

I’m going to check it out, was just trying to understand the difference.

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