Foreflight Connection Apps

I’m looking for a program that easily connects my AHDRS data from MSFS to Foreflight, similar to the native functionalities available with P3D and XP11. Please comment on what you’re using to connect to Foreflight and its advantages and disadvantages. Currently, two programs offer this functionality. The first is “FIT - MSFS BRIDGE - CONNECTOR FOR FOREFLIGHT AND SKYDEMON MSFS.” If anyone is using this application, please let me know if it must be executed every time you start MSFS or its integrated? Does it impact framerates? I heard that Simconnect was causing issues with another program called “MICHAEL KULKE - XMAPSY V3 FSX P3D MSFS.” However, the Simconnect issues have apparently been resolved with the latest MSFS patch. Can anyone confirm if the patch has resolved problems with the program mentioned above?

Some answers can be found here: ForeFlight Compatibly

Yes the SimConnect issue has been solved. I also just released the initial version of my app specifically to send GPS and Attitude data to ForeFlight without also sending it out to the internet. If you’re interested, here’s the link to my project’s releases.