Formation Group

Hi this is a Formation Group. If you would like to join the Group join my Discord sever then message me.

Hi, is this group active? I tried to follow to discord but the invite is invalid. I have some experience flying formation and have the MB-339.

@modtesting Is there anywhere like YouTube that we can see any of your formation flying?

No, I don’t really do any video uploading, not really my thing. I am happy to have a try out flight if you would like to make sure I actually have any flying skill which is understandable.

Haa sorry it was in reply to the OP I should have put an @ in.

oh, no problem. Well if OP never shows up I’m going to start a group, i posted another thread in this same category.

Haa I only just realised this was posted a month ago.

i am an experienced formation pilot in real life am using a vr setup fs2020
have never flown in a group online
would like to join your group can you help
cheers and great flying

Here is a invite to my discord when can you practice

can u make permanent link?

Discord invite link