Forum Software Question- Re: Muting Categories

When I peruse the Forum, for my “main view”, I select “Latest” to see topics with recent post across all Categories/all Tags.

How can I mute individual Categories in this view? I looked through the Forum Guides but didn’t find the answer there.

Thank you in advance!


You can do this from your profile:

Some category names were changed and may need to be readded to your list.


Thank you for the ultra-quick response!

Yes, I thought that was the way to go about it. Strange, because I have the VR Category “Muted” but I’m still seeing VR topics in that main view I use. I selected VR from the drop-down so I think it should be correct. Maybe I’ve screwed-up something else.

The reason for that is that category name changed.

Remove what you have there and readd it.

Will do, thank you!

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Yup. that did the trick! I also did a Cntrl+F5 to reload the page afresh.

Thank you again, I sure do appreciate the help. You guys and gals rock :slight_smile:

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As you noted, there is no guide in #msfs:forum-guides. I’ll start working on a guide for that category so we can avoid issues like this in the future!

Thank you!


Here is the guide: Muting/Ignoring Users and Categories

Thank you. I appreciate you picking-up on that and offering to put a guide together for others who may need direction in the future.

We have a great Community here; a fantastic resource. And folks like you who volunteer/contribute make it so. One of the reasons I spend so much time here… as well as our World Class Team of Forum Moderators and Community Managers who keep us zingin’ along :slight_smile:

Thanks again!

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You are very welcome!

And if you find there isn’t a guide in #msfs:forum-guides, feel free to reach out and I’ll create on for there!

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