Forums changed?

Hi there,
Is there an appropriate place to ask about the forums website? It looks like the website has changed in the last 24 hours and it has made navigation very difficult on my Android phone.
Thank you!

I’ve turned this into a public topic, any chance of a screenshot?

Yep, here’s one:

Notice how my voting button is tiny.
And notice how the Code of Conduct and Known Issues fall off the top menu. That menu is not scrollable so you can’t click them unless you switch to desktop mode on the browser.

Here’s another one:

I don’t think this one needs any explanation. :slight_smile: In order to click that left button, I have to switch my phone to desktop mode.

I’m on an Android phone with Chrome. (Actually, Brave, but it’s based on Chrome.)

It could be a CSS Issue. Can you try clearing your browsers cache?

I am not sure how one does that on Brave for Android, but if it is anything like the Google Chrome app, you probably need to go and purge your browsing data.

Why they’ve never added an easy to access clear cache button is beyond me.

Quick side note, I installed the DiscourseHub app on my phone, and it is a nice improvement (at least for me) when mobile browsing.

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Thank you, guys! Clearing cache did the trick.